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Struttura IPS JUNE 2022

1 - When do all Day1s start and end?

  • Day1A and Day1B start at 15:00 and end at 2:00 (with a break for dinner)

  • Day1C and Day1E start at 11:00 and finish at 21:00

  • Day1D and Day1F start at 18:00 and finish at 4:00


2- How many levels on Day1?

  • Levels on Day1 are 16


3 - Is it possible to book for Day1?

  • No, it is not possible to pre-register for the tournament. It will be possible to register on site with a valid document

4 - What time do registrations open?

  • Registrations open 2 hours before the start

5 - Is there a break for dinner?

  • A dinner break is foreseen. See Day1 details

6 - Where can I find the tournament structure?

7 - Are the tickets won in the satellites linked to a specific Day1?

  • No, the won ticket can be used on Day1 of your choice

8 - Are there satellites online?

10 - How is the winnings paid out?

  • The daily cash withdrawal limit is €9,999

  • For winnings over €9,999, a transfer will be made to an indicated current account or a wallet (account) can be created at the casino from which to withdraw cash, always respecting the daily limit.


11 - Cash payment limits?

  • The value of cash payments is €10,000 

12 - Are there cash tables?

  • Yes, there are cash tables

13 - What opening hours do the cash tables have?

  • The casino plays 24/7

14 - What game levels do the cash tables have?

  • From €1-€2 to €100-€200

15 - What is the percentage of rake retained by the casino?

  •  The percentage is equal to 5%, the cap diversifies from the limits: < = €2/5 (€25 cap) >€2/5 (€30 cap)

16 - Is there an entrance fee to the casino?

  • Yes, the entrance to the casino costs €10 per day which includes an entrance to the self-service all you can eat restaurant

17 - How will the payout be?

  • The payout will be created following a table based on the entries registered

18 - What does Surrender mode include?

  • The Surrender mode gives the player who qualifies to the final with a Stack lower than his expectations the possibility of surrendering and actually abandoning the bagged chips. After surrendering, the player may decide to play other Days, as long as the schedule provides. Unlike the Stack Choice, the player will never be able to choose his best Stack, but the only valid result will be that of his last Day played. If the player does not qualify on the last Day played, he will not be able to access the Final Day.

19 - Where is the King's Casino located and how can I reach it?

  • Rozvadov, 7 348 06 Rozvadov Czech Republic
    Nuremberg Airport - Albrecht Durer (135 km - 1.30 hours)
    Prague Airport - Václav Havel (160 km - 1.30 hours)
    Munich Airport - Franz Josef Strauss (200 km - 2 hours)

    Wernberg station (40 km - 30 min)
    Weiden station (40 km - 30 min)
    Amberg station (70 km - 50 min)
    Regensburg station (100 km  - 1.10 hours)
    Nuremberg Central Station (130 km - 1.30 hours)

    +42 0777281804 (English)

20 - What are the partner hotels?

  • KING'S Resort ***

  • OLYMPIA ** (600 meters)

21 - Where can I eat during my stay?

  • King's Casino
    RADIMSKY a la carte restaurant
    Casino all you can eat self service restaurant

22 - Is there a wellness center in the partner hotels?

In the King's Resort there is a spa (with swimming pool, massage center and gym) and a barber shop

​23  - Check in and check out times?

  • KING'S Resort
    Check-in is from 4pm
    Check out is until 1pm

    Check-in is from 4pm
    Check out is until 1pm

24 - Until what time is it possible to have breakfast?

  • The casino's all-you-can-eat self-service restaurant is open 24 hours a day

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