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🤴Žiga Klopćić crushed the 25KGTD Middle Week!

Entries 86

It ended around 3 o'clock the 25K GTD "Middle Week" Side Event, which saw 86 total entrants spread over 4 Day1s, the last of which in Speed version close to tonight's Final Day.

The best of all was Žiga Klopćić, who once he made it to the heads-up preferred to strike an economic deal with runner-up Alessio Loche securing 7 thousand euros out of the 8 provided for the first place finisher:

Left Alessio Loche (2nd), center Žiga Klopćić and right Davide Clodomiro (3rd)

"My tournament? - Žiga told us - I qualified for Day1A as chip leader and started off with an excellent stack even though luck did not smile on me in the early stages of the Final Day after losing a huge pot preflop.

Left with a dozen or so blinds I rebuilt my stack by winning many small pots and at the Final Table everything went smoothly, also thanks to a nice cooler in my favor - Pair of Aces versus Pair of Kings, ed. - which launched me in the count.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to play the Main due to family commitments, but I'm still happy with this result. I play poker professionally, mainly online MTTs, although a good live result now and then never hurts!"

The Tournament

There were 14 qualifiers from the first three flights and another 14 from the Day1D Speed that began at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon and ended after approximately 4 hours of play.

With 28 total qualifiers, at 9:00 p.m. sharp, the Final Day began, rewarding the top 11 finishers with a €500 min cash and €8,000 reserved for the winner.

The bubble man answers to the name of Davide Ceglia, who with A-Q failed to win the coin-flip against J-J of Davide Clodomiro (third place at the end of the games) chip leader at the composition of the final table.

The final ranking

  1. Žiga Klopćić €7.000 (after deal)

  2. Alessio Loche. €6.000 (after deal)

  3. Davide Clodomiro €3.190

  4. Raffaele Anastasio €2.200

  5. Erik Olivo €1.500

  6. Salvatore Artale €1.000

  7. Leonardo Basaldell €800

  8. Alisa Besirović €630

  9. Michele Legaissa €630

  10. Ivan Sildeborg €500



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