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🇩🇪 "Asamina" destroys EPM Day1 D!

Entries 282/ Left 34

Another chapter of EPM Mystery Bounty has been written as Day1 D just ended with 282 entries, bringing 34 new qualifiers to Sunday's Day2.

Asamina's stunning performance is worth first place on today's count and in the overall ranking: 1.500.000 chips are gold, considering the Mystery Bounty feature has been active since the beginning of Day 2.

"I got involved in many big pots today and am pleased about my game. The biggest pot? I had set against a flush draw, and it held... I love bounty tournaments, and playing with such a stack on Sunday will be a lot of fun.

I'm pleased to see so many good low buy-in tournaments: the structure is impressive and allows you to play poker for real. Those who only put the chip in the middle, hoping to get lucky don't last much here!"

The Top 5

Aside from "Asamina", who closed with 1.5M, there's Vito Giuseppe Vella with 1,131,000, followed by Gabriel Iemmito (1,114,000) who was ahead for a long time before the last level of the game.

Xiaojie Ye from China and Viorel Gabriel Gavrila from Romania complete the Top 5 with 942,000 and 872,000. Below is the list of all qualifiers coming from Day 1 D.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Asamina DEU 1500000

  2. Vito Giuseppe Vella ITA 1131000

  3. Gabriel Iemmito ITA 1114000

  4. Xiaojie Ye CHN 942000

  5. Viorel Gabriel Gavrila ROU 872000

  6. Patrik Jaros CZE 862000

  7. Valerik Malkhasian ARM 787000

  8. Anh Vu Le VNM 712000

  9. Thomas Hofmann CHE 635000

  10. Antonio Fragale ITA 557000

  11. Razvan Alexandru Dumitru ROU 555000

  12. Tom Martin Franke DEU 536000

  13. Laurentiu Avram ROU 517000

  14. Dmytro Krylov UKR 488000

  15. Adam Tamas Szentmihalyi HUN 455000

  16. Ondrej Franta CZE 454000

  17. Evangelos Vettas GRC 432000

  18. Catalin Paul Diac ROU 416000

  19. Thomas Olivieri ITA 399000

  20. Jakub Adam Kalinowski POL 394000

  21. Enzo Tommasone ITA 335000

  22. Maik Paul DEU 331000

  23. Tobias Heinsdorf CHE 320000

  24. Michael Adam CZE 318000

  25. Pawel Zawadowicz POL 279000

  26.  NikiN CZE 273000

  27. Tomasz Aleksander Chmiel POL 250000

  28. Yuriy Godlevskiy KAZ 192000

  29. Francesco Rocco Villano ITA 190000

  30.  Calendula DEU 166000

  31. Harald Auberger AUT 152000

  32.  Dircooles DEU 135000

  33. David Taborsky CZE 121000

  34. Andrej Desset SVK 120000

To review the whole action Day by Day, check out or LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK


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