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🇩🇪 Thomas Fedderke shows his strength on Day1 B!

Entries 121/Left 14

Day 1B of the Balkan Poker Circuit has just concluded with 121 entries, including re-entries, advancing 14 players to Day 2, which will be played on Sunday. Adding the numbers from the previous day, Day 1A, with 106 entries and 11 players remaining, we have 227 entries and 25 players qualified for the next stage.

Today’s protagonist is German player Thomas Fedderke (photo below), who managed to bag a stack of 1,228,000 chips. Considering both initial flights, he is the only player to have surpassed the 1 million chip mark.

 The turning point of his tournament came when he switched tables in the last two levels, winning a big pot against Arturo Paduano (9th in the count, photo below) by hitting quads with fives. Here is the hand described by today’s protagonist:

“When I arrived at the table, we had the same stack. He opened, and I called with 5-5. The flop had a flush draw; he bet 1/4 of the pot, and I called. On the turn, I hit quads and decided to bet small. He raised, and I just called. The river was a blank, I bet almost the entire pot, and he called.”

Thomas is optimistic about his chances: “I have a great stack for Day 2, but in tournaments, you know, you need luck, especially with such a large field. The structure is fast, so having a big stack helps you to play a different game. And it’s more fun to play! I come here once every two or three months, mainly for cash games. Still, I don’t mind playing some tournaments when the opportunity arises, especially since there’s always something interesting here.”

The Top 5

The second in today’s rankings is Ukrainian Artem Omelia, with 706,000 chips, followed by Italian Antonio Fragale, with 593,000 chips.

Rounding out the top five are Vladislav Bohac, from the Czech Republic, with 556,000 chips, and Romanian Raul Johan Nexa, with 540,000 chips. Below is the complete chip count with all 14 qualifiers from Day 1B.

Unofficial Chipcount


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