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🦈 SHARKBAY Day1G - I numeri tornano a crescere per il weekend

121 entries / 18 left

The weekend is back again, the turnout for Day1 is over 100: last night we saw 121 registrations on the 💸 GC Poker Room's screens. Among the 18 left, the Swiss 🇨🇭 Ramon Barmettler leads the count. Certainly glory, certainly an advantage to bring 803,000 chips to Day2C, but let's not forget that he also brought home the first 🎁 chipleader bonus of Chf2000.

Let's remember them all, there were four of them:

🥇Chf2000 🥈Chf1500 🥉Chf 1000 🏅Chf500.

To find out who won the other prizes, you can consult the chipcount published in full after the photo gallery. Among the qualifiers is Roby Begni, who gave an interview to our microphones: you can see it on our page of the best-known social network.

Daily Photos

Here are some shots of the Day1G 🦈 SharkBay

Chipcount Day1G

Rank - Country -Name/Nickname - Stack

1🇨🇭 Ramon Barmettler 803,000

2 Eni 530,000

3🇩🇪 Matthias Krust 381,000

4🇨🇭 Bingo4Bongo 352,000

5 Florian Breitschmid 340,000

6🇦🇹 Robert Riedmann 309,000

7🇧🇦 Leon17 308,000

8🇨🇭 Riccardo Stasolla 275,000

9🇨🇭 Ernat Muric 263,000

10🇵🇱 Jonatan Kula 226,000

11🇨🇭 Manfred Mueller 174,000

12🇷🇸 Bratislav Tonic 165,000

13🇨🇭 Roberto Begni 150,000

14🇨🇭 Pingu 148,000

15🇨🇭 Louis Sunday 118,000

16 Michael Suter 113,000

17 Filufa 97,000

18 Pancho 85,000

*PAY ATTENTION the chipcount is unofficial and builded by what the players wrote in their bags.


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