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🦈 SharkBay 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein: 11 left. Today we will discover the winner. Chipcount Day3

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

1230 entries / 11 left

Due to unbelievable playability or over-expected success (😱1230 entries), the tournament at 3:30 last night was postponed after an agreement between Grand Casino Liechtenstein and the remaining players themselves.

It was decided to resume today at 15:00.

A postponement that is convenient for everyone: for players who will be able to rest before playing a very rich Final Table, at the Casino that will not go out of its routine schedule, but above all for those who follow from home, who will be able to watch the live streaming curated by the boys of ♠️ SpadeTV at a definitely more accessible time.

1️⃣1️⃣ remaining players: fairly balanced forces: 2 Italians, 2 Swiss, 2 Germans as well as representatives of other nationalities. The chipleader, 🇨🇭 Silvan Boesiger, carries 10,475,000 in his bag; that doesn't scare 🇮🇹 Givi following ready to steal the wake with 9,125,000. A special mention for 🇨🇵 Said El Yousufi who remained shorter than the head of the count after a series of unfortunate spots on the finish. The Maroccan, French naturalized, with over 1 million dollars won in his career, told our microphones that he would love to add the ♣ ️ Eurorounders 🏆 trophy to his shelf of glories.

So appointment for 15:00 today with the eleven players that you can find in the complete chipcount below. Live Streaming and info on our social media pages.

Daily Gallery

Here are some shots of Day3 Main Event 🦈 SharkBay

Unofficial Chipcount Day3

Rank - Country - Name - Chips


2 🇮🇹 GIVI 9,125,000

3 🇽🇰 BENSIK LALINOVCI 7,700,000


5 🇮🇹 TOMMASO SERRATORE 3,825,000


7 🇨🇵 SAID EL YOUSUFI 2,825,000

8 🇩🇪 PATRICK SIMON THOMA 2,475,000

9 🏴‍☠️ BRAVEHEART 2,325,000

10🇭🇺 PENGE 1,650,000

11🇩🇪 ANDREAS FURST 1,525,000

*PAY ATTENTION the chipcount is unofficial and builded by what the players wrote in their bags.


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