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🇱🇹 Zygimantas Skvarcevskis flies on Day2

Entries 167 / left 13

Another splendid day of poker ended here at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein, where Day 2 of the CHF 1,000 The Wolf High Roller took place, with a CHF 50,000 first coin up for grabs for the winner.

It was a real marathon for the 13 survivors (starting with 63, 40 qualifiers, and 23 entries in the first two levels of play) who began battling it out from 14.00 for 12 levels of play. It was a Lithuanian, Zygimantas Skvarcevskis, who took the lead with over 2 million in accumulated chips.

The top 5

Starting with the odds stacked against you in this fantastic game does not mean you have half a tournament in your pocket, just as showing up on Day 2 with a relatively small stack does not mean you have already lost.

This is well known by 🇱🇹 Zygimantas Skvarcevskis, who started from 25th position and was able to close in the lead with a gap of about half a million chips on the second, due to the 2,070,000 chips bagged at the end of the day.

Second behind the nickname 🇨🇭 "Mr. M" with 1,485,000 chips, closely followed by another Swiss 🇨🇭 "Nokia 3310" at 1,330,000, always among the upper parts of the count these days.

Rounding out the Top 5 are the Spaniard 🇪🇸 Jorge Turienzo (1,275,00) and the Italian 🇮🇹 Lorenzo Arduini (1,255,000), the only one to carry the tricolor through to the last day along with 🇮🇹Alessandro Ferrari (9th at 650,000).

The Day1D chip leader, the Finnish 🇫🇮 "bubbachuck" (640,000) plunged into the cunt while the best of all the Day1 players, 🇹🇼 Thivakaran Sundaralingam, exited well in advance despite the mountain of chips he had brought with him to Day 2.

Below is the provisional ranking at 13 left.

Unofficial Chipcount

1 🇱🇹 Zygimantas Skvarcevskis 2.070.000

2 🇨🇭 Mr. M 1.485.000

3 🇨🇭 Nokia 3310 1.330.000

4 🇪🇸 Jorge Turienzo 1.275.000

5 🇮🇹 Lorenzo Arduini 1.255.000

6 🇨🇭 Perry 1.165.000

7 XX Emil Abadgiev 1.020.000

8 🇨🇭 Liu Hao 1.003.000

9 🇮🇹 Alessandro Ferrari 650.000

10 🇫🇮 bubbachuck 640.000

11 🇩🇪 Kawasaki 620.000

12 🇩🇪 Benjamin Balling 475.000

13 🇨🇭 Melnek 385.000

*Please note that the chip count is not official, as it is taken from the verbal statements of the players.


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