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Rens Buijs takes down Day1 C

Entries 379 / left 45

It wasn't something unthinkable given yesterday's massive turnout, rather unusual for a Thursday night, and so it was: 379 entries for Friday's morning flight is a great number considering that the peak will come tomorrow (double flight as today), not counting the Sunday morning turbo.

Forty-five people slipped chips into the envelope and it wasn't even necessary to wait until the end of the last level to do so because Day 1 C ended prematurely when 12% of the field had been reached.

Looking down on everyone was Dutchman Rens Buijs, who came third a few weeks ago at the France Poker Festival and was very hot again today given the 1.95 million chips he had put in the safe ahead of Sunday's Day2.

A sumptuous performance which we were briefed on at the closing of the envelopes:

"The day got off to a great start straight away," says Rens, "after the first few levels I already had a stack equal to three times the average. The most important spots? Well, at first I found a lot of big blinds who had a hard time believing me....

Twice I slowplayed some strong hands and set taking the most value. The best hand though is the following: I open from Co K-2s, BB defends, the flop is J-T-6 rainbow and we both check.

The turn is a 3, BB bets almost pot, I call with Kigh High, the river is a brick, he snap-pots and I call again with King High which turns out to be the best hand!"

The top 5

Second in the count by a handful of chips (1,065,000) is another Dutchman Jeffrey Kleijer (photo below), chip leader until the last three hands and author of an extraordinary performance that launches him into second place both in today's and the overall count.

In third place was Iceland's Sindri Thor Stefansson with 999,000, and two other Dutchmen closed out the top five: Yusuf Kaya with 996,000 and Evert Schuit with 951,000.

Only two Spaniards qualified in this flight: in eighth place was Valentin Ledo Sousa (629,000) and in last place was Fernando An Diaz Rullo Martin with 49,000. To conclude, the usual German invasion with 14 qualifiers out of a total of 45, as in the previous flight, was about a third of the field.

Unofficial chip count

1. 🇳🇱Rens Joris Arnout Jeroe Buijs 1,089,000 2. 🇳🇱Jeffrey Kleijer 1,065,000 3. 🇮🇸Sindri Thor Stefansson 999,000 4. 🇳🇱Yusuf Kaya 996,000 5. 🇳🇱Evert Schuit 951,000 6. 🇦🇹Reinhold Josef Dona 788,000 7. 🇺🇸Steven John Machin 669,000 8. 🇪🇸Valentin Ledo Sousa 629,000 9. 🇩🇪"Sutsche" 625,000 10. 🇨🇿Zdenek Ruzicka 577,000 11. 🇸🇰Lubomir Malinovsky 558,000 12. 🇩🇪Joachim Jagusch 509,000 13. 🇷🇴 "OXYMORON" Romania 507,000 14. 🇮🇹Nicola Sasso 505,000 15. 🇩🇪Jens Taubert 453,000 16. 🇩🇪Markus Wellen 453,000 17. 🇵🇱Karol Radomski 439,000 18. 🇩🇪"SchweiniFFM" 415,000 19. 🇷🇴Marius Adrian Iacobescu 409,000 20. 🇩🇪"Prometheus13" 403,000 21. 🇩🇪"R.gutti" 376,000 22. 🇮🇹Angelo Alvisi 363,000 23. 🇺🇦"MAKTIM.S." 344,000 24. 🇸🇪Karl Johan Lundqvist 326,000 25. 🇩🇪Thomas Theurer 323,000 26. 🇸🇪Per Haakan Ivar Nilsson 310,000 27. 🇷🇴"BENI" Romania 308,000 28. 🇺🇸Albert Ryan Santander Hernandez 290,000 29. 🇵🇹Jose Ramalhete Da C Rodrigues 288,000 30. 🇫🇷"N.Y.C" 279,000 31. 🇩🇪"The Duck" 278,000 32. 🇧🇪Nick Bogaert 271,000 33. 🇩🇪Andre Dietmar Strobel 255,000 34. 🇩🇪"Marc Aurelius" 240,000 35. 🇸🇰Michal Kovac 232,000 36. 🇩🇪"Snake" 217,000 37. 🇩🇪Patrick Benjamin Dickemann 212,000 38. 🇩🇪Hans Leopold Bergmann 202,000 39. 🇩🇪Manuel Karl Scheibinger 195,000 40. 🇮🇹Marco Massarotto 165,000 41. 🇵🇹Abilio Monteiro Marqu D Silva 162,000 42. 🇭🇷"DiAGO" 154,000 43. 🇫🇷Serge Florent Knab 112,000 44. 🇩🇪"kenny mcCormick" 79,000 45. 🇪🇸Fernando An Diaz Rullo Martin 49,000


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