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'Eriknitro' irrepressible at Day2

Entries 2720 / Entries 27

It was a long and exciting day that saw the field dwindle to just 27 players after a battle that began at 5pm and ended late into the night as usual.

However, before telling you how things went, we would like to thank each and every one of the 927 players who took part in this CNP Main Event, which generated 2,720 entries (including those who tried to play another Day and those who came back in during the Day), making it possible to easily exceed the guaranteed prize pool of €500,000.

At the moment of bagging up the chips, the name, pardon the nickname, of an Italian, "Eriknitro" (photo below), stands out. With his 14,025,000 chips, he literally took off, leaving a gap between himself and his pursuers:

"I closed with a triple average, I must say that we did well today. - I started from sixth place and got off to a pretty good start, even though I didn't have a great starting hand. I realised that I could attack the table and played to the best of my ability, until the first premium hand arrived with which I lost about 700 thousand on a 1.7M stack.

From then on I was card dead for the whole tournament, always staying just under the average and changing two/three tables. At the last table, however, the music changes, I notice that the player on my right has a lot of chips and likes to play ("die Viehper" ed., chipleader at the beginning of Day2), so I decide to play against him being in position: I 3-bet him wide, I place a few bluffs and show him, then I take value by betting huge sizes when I have the best hand and so on.

At the end of the day he confessed to me that he's going to have nightmares tonight thinking about all the spots he's played against me, and I believe it!"

La Top 5

Along with the Italian, the only two to exceed 10 million are the second and third in the provisional ranking. We are talking about two Frenchmen, Benjamin Meyer (photo below,10,350,000), who was at the feature table for most of the tournament, and Adel Boulhadid, just one blind away with his 10,200,000 chips.

In fourth place was another Italian, Arturo Paduano, 9,000,000 for him, followed by the German 'aceseasytoshove', also at 9,000,000.

The day's chipleader, "die Viehper" (6,025,000), dropped considerably in the rankings after starting off with the favourable odds, following a close fight with "Eriknitro", while the only Spaniard still in the running is in 18th place, Francisco Lozano Perez (3,225,000).

The two countries most represented at the final day are Germany, with 7 players, and Italy, with 4, including two in the top 5. Below is a summary of the situation.

Unofficial Chipcount


1. 🇮🇹"ERIKNITRO" 14,025,000 37 1

2. 🇫🇷Benjamin Meyer 10,350,000 38 5

3. 🇫🇷Adel Boulhadid 10,200,000 39 6

4. 🇮🇹Arturo Paduano 9,000,000 40 6

5. 🇩🇪"aceseasytoshove" 9,000,000 39 8

6. 🇨🇿Martin Greizinger 7,475,000 37 2

7. 🇧🇾Kiryl Kiryliuk 7,375,000 38 3

8. 🇱🇹Danas Dambrauskas 6,525,000 40 5

9. 🇩🇪"die Viehper" 6,025,000 38 2

10. 🇷🇴Vlad Codrin Diaconu 5,975,000 37 4

11. 🇩🇪"thetheoofpoker" 5,475,000 39 1

12. 🇨🇿Jiri Heidtke 5,100,000 40 7

13. 🇨🇿Lukas Klima 3,875,000 38 7

14. 🇵🇹Jose Antonio Pires Fernandes 3,700,000 37 5

15. 🇩🇪"t1m1r" 3,675,000 39 7

16. 🇮🇹Jacopo Giacomazzi 3,650,000 40 3

17. 🇩🇪Serdar Teyyar 3,375,000 38 8

18. 🇪🇸Francisco Lozano Perez 3,225,000 37 7

19. 🇹🇷Arman Muratoglu 3,175,000 39 3

20. 🇩🇪Ahmed Yavuz 2,950,000 40 2

21. 🇮🇹Loris Scattolin 2,825,000 37 3

22. 🇹🇷Oezcan Kalyoncu 2,425,000 39 4

23. 🇩🇪"MAWL" 2,375,000 38 1

24. 🇵🇹Jaime Jose Balala Lebre 2,175,000 40 4

25. 🇮🇱Igor Kiperband 1,955,000 37 8

26. 🇷🇸Darko Josifov 1,700,000 38 6

27. 🇮🇱Gil Mendzelewsky 400,000 40 1


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