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Lukas Pazma is a caterpillar on Day1A

Entries 86 / Left 11

You might remember his name, as he took down France Poker Festival Main Event just two weeks ago (CLICK HERE to check the complete report of FPF Final Table).

Lukas (photo below) is a cash-game regular but, as we can see, he does really well in tournaments as well and the stack he bagged yesterday is really impressive considering he played on a Day1 A on which the turnout is never as conspicuous as on the weekend.

We had a look at his stack just after the end of late registration and there was not more than 300K in chip. Just the time to post a few pics and give a live update on social media and the pile of green chips, the ones which are worth 25K, grew considerably and never stop till the end of the day:

"What happened? Running good my friend! - said Lukas with a big smile on his face - "I won a few small pots preflop against short stacks, but the most I did it post-flop, getting value from my hands in different dynamics, blind wars, BTN vs BB and stuff like that...

I'm happy I qualified already on Wednesday so I can go back to cash-game this weekend and then try to do my best on Sunday Day 2. You know, it's a long time since I don't win anything so...🤣"

The top 5

Before "lakyluk17" took the lead, it was a fight between Germany's "Abrechner" and Netherland's "chinabeauty", both with a huge stack around 2 times the average.

From that moment on they kept the line and at the end of the day, they both succeded: "Abrechner" will carry 709,000 on Day2, "chinabeauty" 678,000.

A bit more far away was the Romanian Marius Serban Moldoveanu with 428,000, followed by Pel Nieuwenhuis 361,000 from the Netherlands as well.

In total there have been 5 Germans out of 11 qualifiers and only one French, the last one on the count: Giuseppe Domenico Mazza-Boussemart with 54,000.

You can check the complete list below.

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇸🇰"lakyluk17" 1,055,000

2. 🇩🇪"Abrechner" 709,000

3. 🇳🇱 "chinabeauty" 678,000

4. 🇷🇴Marius Serban Moldoveanu 428,000

5. 🇳🇱Pel Nieuwenhuis 361,000

6. 🇩🇪Stefan Alfred Pongratz 332,000

7. 🇨🇭Itamar Angert 204,000

8. 🇩🇪Gerald Paul Jessenwanger 199,000

9. 🇩🇪Bernd Dieter Walter Delius 138,000

10. 🇩🇪Uwe Feiler 122,000

11. 🇫🇷Giuseppe Domenico Mazza-Boussemart 54,000


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