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"Eriknitro" takes down CNP Main Event!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Entries 2720

The Spanish tournament speaks Italian thanks to "Eriknitro" who manages to maximize his Day2 chip leading to getting the trophy after over 10 hours of play on this final day.

The Italian has performed really well throughout all day and administrated his stack in a fantastic way, which is not something given for granted despite the initial advantage.

Here's what he told us after the winning:

"I was coming from a bad run and initially I didn't believe in it so much, the feeling was that in the end, it could all go wrong as usual. Instead, after last night's exploit on Day 2, today I managed to give it my all, handling all the tournament phases in the best possible way.

At the start of the final day, I tried to exploit my stack, putting pressure at the right moments. At the beginning of the final table instead, I preferred to wait a bit before pushing, but when you play well sooner or later your moment comes and so it was. I had a cooler in my favour with Q-Q vs J-J and from that moment on I started to attack more, always maintaining a fairly solid lead.

If I can give a message to all players going through bad times it is to never give up, because bad times are part of the game. You must always remain calm and patient without exaggerating because the results will come, so far.

The heads-up? Yesterday I managed to accumulate the stack I came up with today against him.

He confessed me that he suffered a lot my game and having the chance to take revenge right at the most important moment seemed to be a sign of destiny. In the end, he didn't even play badly, but I had a big lead and after losing the first showdown despite starting ahead, I managed to close the match in the second one and now I enjoy this trophy!"

Here's the final ranking:

🥇“Eriknitro” €79,500 (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

🥈“Die Viehper” €44.000 (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

🥉 Danas Dambrauskas €30.500 (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

4. Mawl €22,000 (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

5. Arturo Paduano €17,500 (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

6. Kiryl Kiryliuk €14,000 (+ WSOPE ME ticket)

7.“2aceseasytoshove” €10,500

8. Adel Boulhadid €7,300

9. Martin Greizinger €5,489

The final table

It took around 5 hours to get down to 9 players out of the 27 survivors who reached the final day. The Italian "Eriknitro" started the Day as chip leader and kept doing well raising up to around 90 big blinds at the start of the final table.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to review the action on streaming!

Martin Greizinger is out in 9th place

Blinds 250K/500K, Ante 500K

Kiryl Kiryliuk (21 Bb) opens 1.1m from UTG1, Martin Greizinger from the HJ decides to go all-in for 9,085,000, all the remaining players fold and Kiryliuk calls:

Martin Greizinger: J♥️T♥️

Kiryl Kiryliuk: A♣️K♦️

BOARD: P(ot 19,400,000)4♥️ 8♠️ 5 ♦️ 3♥️ 5 ♠️

No help on the board for Martin Greizinger who loses the flip and gets out in 9th place for €5,489

Adel Boulhadid gets out in 8th place

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

“Eriknitro” opens from UTG1 (stack 73BB) to 1.3M, all fold till Adel Boulhadid from the SB (stack 17BB) who opts for a shove with J♠️ J♣️, BB folds and the action goes back to the Italian who calls with Q♦️Q♣️.

BOARD (pot 23,000,000) 8♠️ 2♠️ 4♥️ 7♠️ A♣️

The French Adel Boulhadid gets eliminated in 7th place and gets €7,300.

“2aceseasytoshove” is the 7th classified

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

The action stalled for a while as the first 6 would get a 10K Main Event Wsope ticket and “2aceseasytoshove” kept folding till he finds himself on a blind war with just one BB behind.

Arturo Paduano from the BB (stack 26BB) opens with 8♥️ 6♥️ from the BTN, SB folds, and “2aceseasytoshove” is forced to put his last blind in as pot odds are in his favor with basically any two cards.

At the showdown, he shows 9♦️ 5♣️ and, surprisingly, he finds himself ahead of his opponent and manages to play with 60% vs 40%.

BOARD (pot 3,800,000): K♣️ J♥️ 7♠️ Q♥️ K♥️

With a runner-runner flush Arturo Paduano gets the pot and “2aceseasytoshove” sadly leaves the table in 7th place for €10,500.

Kiryl Kiryliuk’s run ends in 6th place

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

With less than 4BB Kiryl Kiryliuk goes all-in from UTG with A♥️ Q♠️ and Dana’s Dambrauskas from the BB calls with his 7♣️ 3♣️ (stack 18BB) as he has to add just a couple of blinds more.

BOARD: (pot 5,150,000) J♠️ 10♣️ 7♠️ 8♥️ 6♠️

Kiryl Kiryliuk finds the elimination in 6th place and he’s awarded a Wsope ME ticket plus €14,000 in cash.

Arturo Paduano ends his journey in 5th place

Blinds 400K/800K, ante 800K

Paduano opens from the CO (stack 20Bb) with A♥️ T♥️, Dana’s Dambrauskas (stack 26BB flats from the SB with A♦️9♦️, “Eriknitro” completes from the BB.

The flop runs 8♥️ 9♣️ 4♥️ (pot 6.2M), Dambrauskas leads out 4.5M (around 3/4 pot), “Eriknitro” folds and Paduano goes all-in, finding a snap-call from Dambrauskas.

(pot 36,500,000) Turn is a Q♠️, the river a Q♦️ that pairs the board and sends the Italian out in 5th place.

For Paduano a Wsope ME ticket and €17,500 in cash.

“Mawl” ends in 4th place

Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

Danas Dambrauskas (stack 43BB) opens from UTG with A♦️ J♥️, BTN folds and “MAWL” goes all-in with A♣️ K♣️ for his 7 bigs, “Die Viehper” from BB re-shoves with 10♥️ 10♣️, Original Raiser folds and there a showdown between the two.

BOARD (pot 19,800,000): 6♥️ 2♣️ 7♥️ 2♥️ 7♣️

“MAWL” is the 4th classified and gets a Wsope ME ticket plus €22,000 in cash.

Danas Dambrauskas gets the 3rd place

Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

“Eriknitro” opens with 5♠️ 5♦️ from the BTN to 2.5M and Dambrauskas defends from BB with J♦️T♥️.

(pot 6,500,000) The flop goes 2♥️ 5♥️ J♥️, Dambrauskas bets 3.8M, “Eriknitro” calls.

(pot 14,100,000) Turn is a 9♦️, Dambrauskas leads out again with the same size, 3.8M, “Eriknitro” raises for 12.1M, Dambrauskas snap-shoved, and “Eriknitro” does the call.

(pot 81,000,000) A K♠️ on the river gives “Eriknitro” the best hand.

Danas Dambrauskas can be happy for his performance and the Wsope ME ticket plus €30.500 in cash.

“Eriknitro” wins CNP ME, “Die Viehper” is the runner-up

Blinds 800K/1.6M, ante 1.6M

“Die Viehper” opens from the BTN to 2.6M with A♥️ 3♥️ (stack 26BB), "Eriknitro" goes all-in with A♠️ 8♥️(stack 86BB) and the opponent calls.

BOARD (pot 65M): 6♣️ J♦️ Q♦️ 9♥️ 2♦️

“Die Viehper” is the runner-up for €44.000 (+ WSOPE ME ticket) and "Eriknitro" can lift up the trophy and enjoy a €79,500 (+ WSOPE ME ticket).

Below is the most cliché Italian way to celebrate his victory!😜


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