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🦈Sharkbay Chipcount Day1D: 🇨🇵 El Yousfi passed on the line by Marvin.

77 entries / 9 left

🇨🇵 Said El Yousfi arrives calmly and takes his seat around the end of the second level, it's immediately a success: a cooler in favor, his Cowboys KK against opponent's Jacks pre-flop do him fly to 90K within seconds of his registration at the event. Since then, perhaps slowly but surely, he has continued to increase his stack without ever losing his dominance on the fourth flight of our Sharkbay. With the idea of ​​pocketing the first chipleader prize, he assists in the draw of the number of hands to be played in stopped time: they are 2. Here the unexpected happen. Of the 11 running, two been busted by a weak top pair, a simple 9 hitted on the flop allows Lukas Marvin to make a double takedown to 603,000. Said stands at 495,000 and sees 1K move from his pocket to his neighbor's one. It's Chf4000 for Lukas and Chf3000 for the French guy. Jorge Turienzo and Q9◇ complete the quartet of leaders by taking home respectively Chf2000 and Chf1000. An exciting Wednesday for those who followed the 77 players through the 13 levels played here in the GC Pokerroom in 🇱🇮Liechtenstein. You will still be able to follow the 9 owners of the sealed envelopes tonight, Thursday at 20.00 on Day2B where we will also meet the qualifiers of Day1C and Day1E which will take place today, Wednesday 💐 March 8 at 18.00.

Following photos of the day and the complete chipcount of Day1D

Pictures of the day

Here are some shots of the Day1B Main Event 🦈 SharkBay Liechtenstein in the final moments of the game session

Chipcount Day1D

Rank - Name or Nickname - Country - Chips


2 SAID EL YOUSFI 495,000


4 Q9-DIAM 415,000

5 PEPINO 396,000

6 PETER WETLI 292,000


8 AMAR BEGOVIC 109,000


*PAY ATTENTION the chipcount is unofficial and builded by what the players wrote in their bags.


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