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🇨🇳Hoai Chung Vo crushes EPM Day1 C

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Entries 65/left 7

Seventeen levels of play out of the nineteen planned and 7 qualified, i.e. 10% of the field according to Day1c numbers of the Euro Poker Million, here at the King's Casino in Rozvadov.

There were 45 single entries, in addition to the 20 re-entries made within the first eleven levels until late registration was available.

Chinese Wall

That's what 🇨🇳HOAI CHUNG VO builds at the end of the day, thanks to the 1,035,000 chips accumulated without a blow. A stack which, considering the 60,000 chips at the start, will guarantee him great playability at Day2.

Hoai Chung Vo and its colourful ceramic fortress

Almost thirty big blinds behind him is 🇷🇺SERGEI KONOVALOV, winner of a Sharkbay tournament last July, who managed to bag 776,000 chips, just six blinds more than the third-placed German player 🇩🇪 who hides behind the nickname UA GAME (718,000).

Sergei Konovalov, second in the provisional count at Day1c

The other qualifiers

Immediately after the first three, it was the turn of Colombia's 🇨🇴 DAVID ALEJANDRO SERNA JARAMILLO, who registered late in the game and was nevertheless able to bag ten times more his initial stack by closing at 565,000.

Fifth place for the only surviving woman, the well-known pro 🇦🇷MARIA CONSTANZA LAMPROPULOS, who bagged 354,000 chips, about thirty blinds, after holding her own throughout the day despite some particularly unfavorable spots.

One above all was in a blind war where, on A-3-A-5-2, she saw her straight losing against a full house made with a set of Deuces, hit by her opponent on the turn.

Above left Marco di Persio, next Nicola Angelini and right Maria Lampropoulos.

The only Italian still in the game after 🇮🇹Luca Stevanato and 🇮🇹Nicola Angelini's eliminations is Marco di Persio (308,000). Rather than the first two, which made respectively three and two entries with the same result, it was a different story for Di Persio.

Entering right on the edge with 20x, Marco even managed to exceed 500K, but after running into a few unlucky hands he closed with a fair thirty big blinds stack.

The Czech 🇨🇿PETR RYCHLY closed the ranking with just 144,000 chips, which at the time of the clock stopped was equivalent to 12x.

I numeri

We must mention as well the three players who still ended up with a prize: eighth place for Romanian 🇷🇴SERGIU COVRIG, the only one to pass the first step of the payout for €850.

Straight after there's 🇭🇷NIKI PRELA and 🇩🇪FRANZ CHRISTIAN DOBLINGER: €700 for both.

And now let's recap the situation of the Day2 qualifiers via Day1c with the unofficial count.

Unofficial Day1c Chipcount

1. 🇨🇳HOAI CHUNG VO 1.035.000

2. 🇷🇺SERGEI KONOVALOV 776.000-

3. 🇩🇪UA GAME 718.000



6. 🇮🇹MARCO DI PERSIO 308.000

7. 🇨🇿PETR RYCHLY 144.000

Event recap

DAY1A: 25 entries 3 left

DAY1B: 33 entries 4 left

DAY1C: 65 entries 7 left

TOTAL: 123 entries 14 left

A+B+C Chipcount

1. 🇨🇳 HOAI CHUNG VO 1.035.000

2. 🇷🇺 SERGEI KONOVALOV 776.000-

3. 🇩🇪 DENNIS WILKE 770.000

4. 🇩🇪UA GAME 718.000

5. 🇻🇳 NGOC ANH NGUYEN 660.000


7. 🇹🇷 SUPERMARIO 540.000

8. 🇹🇩 MARIUS S. MOLDOVEANU 426.000

9. 🇮🇱 CHIKKITA BANAANA 408.000

10.🇳🇱 ZHONG CHEN 357.000


12.🇩🇪 MFG777 317.000

13. 🇮🇹MARCO DI PERSIO 308.000

14. 🇨🇿PETR RYCHLY 144.000

*We would like to remind you that the chip count is unofficial as it is reported in players' verbal statements.


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