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🇷🇴 Ciprian Paunescu leads EPM Day1 B

Entries 71/ Left 9

Today's first flight, Day 1 B, ended with 71 entries, and nine new qualifiers were guaranteed a seat for Sunday's Day 2. With yesterday's Day 1 A, the entry count has reached 122 units and 16 qualifiers.

The Day 1 B chip leader is a well-known regular around King's Resort: With 350K in gross winnings, Ciprian Paunescu is ahead of all 16 qualifiers (photo below).

"If it weren't for that bottle of white wine I ordered after a few levels, I wouldn't be able to make it through! - jokes Ciprian at the end of the day - "I swear, the whole mood changed, and things went in my favor as well, so I can't complain!

Have I ever played a Mystery Bounty before? Yes, I've enjoyed the format a few times, and I'm happy you guys have brought it here; you're doing a fantastic job with all tournaments, and I'm joining as many events as possible. Looking forward to the 2 million in August!"

The Top 5

The second name on today's list is Germany's "His4irness23", with 665,000 chips, followed by "Alegro" from Germany, with 551,000.

Stefano Zaugg from Switzerland (499,000) and Germany's Stephan Kurt Kohlstetter (452,000) complete the Top 5. Below is the complete list of all qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Ciprian Paunescu ROU 848,000

  2. His4irness23 DEU 665,000

  3. Alegro DEU 551,000

  4. Stefan Zaugg CHE 499,000

  5. Stephan Kurt Kohlstetter DEU 452,000

  6. Yann Laurent Frederic Lormel FRA 358,000

  7. Sasa Maksic DEU 329,000

  8. Avi Hay Yehiel ISR 324,000

  9. Ivan Lehin UKR 235,000

To review the whole action Day by Day, check out or LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK


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