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🇮🇱 Refael Dahan is ahead of EPM Day1 A

Entries 51/Left 7

EPM Mistery Bounty Day 1 A started smoothly with 51 entries (9 re-entries) and 7 qualifiers who have secured a seat for Sunday's Day 2.

There's a lot of curiosity around this new format that has captured the general attention of players, whether pros or amateurs. Today's best performance belongs to 🇮🇱 Refael Dahan (picture below), who piled up 764.000 chips after 17 levels of play.

Refael stopped here in Rozvadov to play this format: "I tried it once at the EPT, and it was a lot of fun, so I couldn't miss this one as well! How did it go today' Pretty well, though I've been left with only 7K for a few levels.

After a few double-ups, I got back on track and ran very well on the last levels. To be honest, I couldn't ask for a better start!"

The Top 5

Refael Dahan's performance is not the only one that deserves a mention. "Kenosh-KK" from Germany can be happy as well for the 670.000 chips bagged at the end of the day.

Romanian Dan Sfarlea gets the third-best performance with 537.000 chips, followed by Fabian Krappmann (417.000) and Karsten Wehretal (325.000), both from Germany. Below is the complete list of Day 1 A's qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Refael Dahan CAESAREA ISR 764.000

  2.  Kenosh-KK Frankfurt DEU 670.000

  3. Dan Sfarlea Cluj ROU 537.000

  4. Fabian Georg Helmut Krappmann Pettstadt DEU 417.000

  5. Karsten Ronald Wendt Wehretal DEU 325.000

  6. Marius Serban Moldoveanu Târgu Mureș ROU 213.000

  7. Serhii Karpus Kyiv UKR 188.000

To review the whole action Day by Day, check out or LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK


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