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🇨🇿 David Eiselt bags big at EPM Day1 C

Entries 116/ Left 14

We said this in our LIVE BLOG before the time, and eventually, it happened. The two big stacks in play clashed in a spot towards the end of the day, and David Eiselt can be happy for the 1.180.000 chips bagged after 19 levels of the game.

Before further details, let's recap the numbers: 116 entries and 14 qualifiers will join the 16 coming from Day 1 A and B, making it 30 who are sure to come back Sunday for Day 2.

Going back to our chip leader, there has been a battle between him and "Mousa," who call-mucked on 10-7-6-2-8 (with three Spades on the Turn) to his opponent's triple barrel.

David Eiselt showed A♠️ 2♠️ for a nut flush, while "Mousa" admitted he had Q♠️ 10♠️ and couldn't miss that call, though he went in the tank for a while before putting his chips in the middle:

"I was aggressive the whole time - told us, David - and it was tough to detect when I had value and when not. I play live tournaments, but just as a hobby, I work in travel marketing.

It's the second time I've played a Mystery Bounty and the first time I reached Day 2 (with a big stack). It will be a lot of fun!"

The Top 5

David Eiselt's stack is the best among all three flights, and his direct pursuer, Pepa G., follows with 912,000. Third place for Italy's Giuseppe Pitruzzella with 856,000, while Balazs Gaal (505,000) and Frederic Jean Christophe Lipere (434,000) complete the Top 5.

Below, you can find the whole qualifier list coming from Day1 C.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. David Eiselt CZE 1180000

  2. PEPA G. CZE 912000

  3. Giuseppe Pitruzzella TA 856000

  4. Georgios Lekkakos GRC 675000

  5. Balazs Gaal HUN 505000

  6. Frederic Jean Christophe Lipere FRA 434000

  7. Jean Michel Kleemann DEU 403000

  8. Dennis Fieberg DEU 369000

  9. Michael Fenzl AUT 341000

  10. Tristan Jacqu Weber FRA 300000

  11. MOUSA ROU 296000

  12. David Rusz CZE 263000

  13. STAR ATLAS SVK 221000

  14. Nika Suladze GEO 207000

To review the whole action Day by Day, check out or LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK


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