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🇷🇴 Robert Fluereci crushed EPM Day1 E

Entries 356/ Left 43

The second of the two flights scheduled for today it ended with 356 entries and 43 new qualifiers who have secured a seat for the next step.

The best of all survivors answers Robert Georgian Fluereci (photo below), and thanks to his 1,620,000 stack of chips, he will begin from first place on the overall count.

"I was running hot, but it was not my first bullet today, and I guess I played for about 12 hours straight.

How did it go? I managed to build up a good stack, and in the last levels, I already had around one million, so from that moment on, it was easier for me to play aggressively and win more pots.

I'm a professional poker player. I play online and live; this is not my first experience with Mystery Bounty. With my stack, it will be fun for sure; let's hope for the best!"

The Top 5

The first and second place in the count are from Romania; in fact, Robert Nechifor Dascalescu can be happy for his 1,480,000 chips bagged at the end of the day, worth the third position in the overall ranking. 

Third place for Turkey's Nejat Demirtas (835,000), followed by Denmark's Anja Glud Wisney (771.000) and Grmany's Maximilian Remmert (741,000). Here's the complete list of all qualifiers coming from Day1 E ⤵️

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Robert Georgian Fluereci ROU 1620000

  2. Robert Nechifor Dascalescu ROU 1480000

  3. Nejat Demirtas TUR 835000

  4. Anja Glud Wisney DNK 771000

  5. Maximilian Remmert DEU 741000

  6. Shakkal DEU 691000

  7. Patrick Lorenz DEU 660000

  8. Ihor Littmann UKR 640000

  9. Mikael Philippe Azoulay FRA 624000

  10. Teodor Tchakov CHE 617000

  11. Mr.Backhand DEU 612000

  12. Eisenwald69 DEU 609000

  13. Doc Igor SRB 603000

  14. Taulos DEU 593000

  15. Aliaksei Ivanou BLR 560000

  16. Patrick Alexander Stoerr DEU 540000

  17. Stefan Alexandru Drusca ROU 533000

  18. Andrea Proietti ITA 527000

  19. Mateusz Pawel Koczwara POL 517000

  20. Ingo Suess Königs DEU 516000

  21. Matteo Pizzicoli ITA 482000

  22. Davide De Francesco ITA 479000

  23. Kuba spins CZE 471000

  24. Patrick Benjamin Grassmann DEU 443000

  25. kamikaze 423000

  26. Sandor Mate HUN 420000

  27. Martin Loehn DEU 415000

  28. Karlovarský Král CZE 411000

  29. Lucas Siegfried Kissel DEU 380000

  30. Maria Francesca 9 ITA 323000

  31. Okan Kova TUR 310000

  32. Elmar Schuetz DEU 308000

  33. Silvio Gruppuso ITA 305000

  34. Arturo Paduano ITA 301000

  35. Dominik Wochnik POL 286000

  36. Maximilian Martin Schaper DEU 281000

  37. Albert Ryan Santander Hernandez USA 227000

  38. Francesco Saverio Sanita ITA 214000

  39. Marco Di Persio ITA 188000

  40. Hendrik Scherder DEU 138000

  41. Thibaut Jean Francois Coudert FRA 117000

  42. Premysl Rada CZE 104000

  43. Massimo Chierchia ITA 66000

To review the whole action Day by Day, check out or LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK


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