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Quentin Morga Pecheur is Day1 A chipleader

Entrie 115/ Left 16

Day 1 A of the €300 buy-in Main Even France Poker Festival ended around five in the morning, after 15 levels of play of 40 minutes each.

A marathon that totaled no less than 115 entries, an excellent result for a Day1 played on Wednesday even if predictable according to floor manager Lello Calabrò: "It's going to be a great tournament, we expected these numbers already in the first flight!"

In the end, 16 players, or exactly (or almost) 10% of the field, passed, out of 85 single entries and 30 re-entries.

The top 5

Looking down on everyone in the count was Frenchman Quentin Morga Pecheur, who managed to bag 751,000 chips and guarantee himself a down day on Day 2:

"It was my second bullet," commented the Frenchman, "at the first one I was eliminated after just 15 minutes and I re-entered. Otherwise, what can I say, it went well I'd say!"

Second in chips, by just one chip less, was Andrei Alexandru Sasu (750,000), and third place for Marco di Persio who closed at 560,000 after having exceeded 800K.

For him it was yet another Day1 A closed with an excellent stack:

"Why do I always decide to play Day1 A? The field is even more affordable and if I manage to qualify there is more time to sit at the cash tables! I went from 50k to 25k, then up to over 200 and within a few orbits back to 60k.... And then it got better, let's say!

A prediction for this tournament? After what happened to me recently in the last deeprun I'll say it now: I'm going to win this tournament!"

Closing out the Top 5 are Maktim.S and Mohamed Daher Hassan Ahmed, at 443,000 and 442,000 chips respectively.

Unofficial chip count

1. Quentin Morga Pecheur France 751000

2. Andrei Alexandru Sasu Romania 750000

3. Marco Di Persio Italy 560000

4. MAKTIM.S. Ukraine 443000

5. Mohamed Daher Hassan Ahmed Belgium 442000

6. Mario Nobile Italy 415000

7. Manoe Betrix Switzerland 411000

7. Manoe Betrix Switzerland 4110003000

9. Jeremy Gustav Soudan France 351000

10. Farid Ancer France 308000

11. Vojtech Skarka Czech Republic 187000

12. Pietro Robbiani Switzerland 184000

13. Giorgi Khabazashvili Georgia 169000

14. Herbert Kern Germany 162000

15. Igor Alexandre Fonseca Brito Portugal 119000

16. Ladislav Kletecka Czech Republic 115000


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