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George Ralph De Bathe leads Day1B

Entries 164 / Left 18

The second chapter in the saga of this France Poker Festival comes to an end with 18 new qualifiers for Sunday's Day 2.

The total number of entries today reached 164, exactly 49 more than on the opening Day. Tomorrow morning we start again in style with the first of the two flights scheduled to begin at 11 am.

Closing ahead of everyone was Britain's George Ralph De Bathe (pictured above), who managed to put away a stack of 938,000, his highest to date:

"I'm very happy, I've been traveling around Europe a lot lately to play live poker," said George at the end of Day1B - "Today has been a crazy one, I haven't slept last night and I registered directly for the satellite in the early afternoon, even though I would have entered tomorrow if I hadn't qualified.

The fact is that I won the satellite and found myself straight into the tournament. Fortunately, I ended with a huge stack, though I think I've been playing poker today for something like 13-14 hours straight!"

La top 5

If chip leading is the Queen's - pardon, the King's - affair, there is another English speaker to back him up: he is Oleg Vayman (pictured above), with a double American and Ukrainian passport, who closed second with 847,000 chips:

"All very good. Except for the fact that the tournament is very long! - says Oleg - It's not the first time I've ended in the top chip count positions, I recently finished tenth at the Main Event in Bratislava and on that occasion, I closed as chip leader. Was I lucky? Tournaments are certainly not won by running bad..."

Third, fourth, and fifth place respectively went to Poland's Konrad Roman Kott (809,000), Giorgi Mevlupishvili Zigigi (726,000), and Silviu Baltateanu (701,000).

Of note is the resounding up and down of online regular Giuseppe Dedoni, capable of re-entering twice in the early stages of the game, reaching 100 big blinds two levels from the end, and anticipating his return to the hotel room after three unhappy showdowns that will force him to come back tomorrow for the third flight on the schedule.

Unofficial chip count

1. Mr. George Ralph De Bathe United Kingdom 938000 2. Oleg Vayman United States 847000 3. Konrad Roman Kott Poland 809000 4. Giorgi Mevlupishvili Zigigi Georgia 726000 5. Silviu Baltateanu Romania 701000 6. Vitalii Shcherba Ukraine 648000 7. Kacper Mateusz Kuzior Poland 640000 8. Alexander Philipp Durchholz Germany 438000 9. Massimiliano Enrico Amato Germany 420000 10.Anthony Benja Mahaut France 417000 11.Armand Muratoglu France 364000 13.Marius Serban Moldoveanu Romania 275000 14.Eusebiu Nicolae Jalba Romania 267000 15.Niv Yakov Ben Avi Israel 257000 16.Nevis Alvisi Italy 173000 17.Adam Stanislaw Siwicki Poland 146000 18.Alexandru Alin Izuric Romania 145000


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