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Tolga Can Kiyak is the best on Day1 D

Entries 358/ Left 43

Four out of seven available flights are already history. Day1 D, the last one today, collected 358 entries, sending a further 43 players to Sunday's Day2.

Adding up the other Days, the total rises to 911, practically half of the guaranteed covered while waiting for the fullest day, tomorrow, and the turbo flight scheduled for Sunday morning from 11am.

The best of them all? Turkey's Tolga Can Kiyak, (pictured above), is the second one so far to exceed one million, albeit only by 8,000 chips, though enough to be ahead of the overall count:

"I started well but halfway through the tournament I even found myself with only 20,000 chips after losing A-K vs A-K with my opponent managing to flush. Two hands later the same thing happened in my favour but against another player.

From then on everything went pretty well, I managed to take advantage of the bubble phase by putting good pressure on my opponents, and in the end I saved a cool million!"

Top 5

The second player in chips, Italian Diego Scilleri, also performed very well, closing at 965,000 after being the chip leader for long stretches, as did Romanian Ion Tabacaru Ivan, who with 875,000 in chips occupied the third step of the podium.

Fourth and fifth place went to Israel's Or Perez and Romania's Ciprian Paunescu, with 825,000 and 805,000 chips respectively.

Nothing to do instead for Dario Minieri, the best known of the Italians at the table, who will have to reappear tomorrow to try to pass to Day2 after a triple-barrel bluff that condemned him already at the 12th level of play.

Unofficial chip count

1.Tolga Can Kiyak Turkey 1008000 2.Diego Scillieri Italy 965000 3.Ion Tabacaru Ivan Romania 875000 4.Or Perez Israel 825000 5.Ciprian Paunescu Romania 805000 6.Rens Joris Arnout Jeroe Buijs Netherlands 730000 7.Andreas Eller Germany 724000 8.Sandor Mate Hungary 700000 9.Roland Erard Switzerland 689000 10.Uwe Klos Germany 640000 11.Oliver Steeg Peter Germany 630000 12.Cristi Florian Grecu GRECU C. Romania 585000 13.Felix Florian Kretschmann Germany 550000 14.Henri Toussaint BattleMe Germany 544000 15.Lukas Klima Czech Republic 530000 16.Thomas Franz Kandlbinder Germany 528000 17.Adam Stanislaw Siwicki Poland 477000 18.Christophe Lucien Dany Heinrich France 457000 19.Gökhan Caymaz Davinc!Code Germany 440000 20.Giovanni Sampietro Italy 371000 21.Jaroslaw Panich Ukraine 355000 22.Dragan Kostic Dunaic NADRAG 1964 Spain 323000 23.Raoul Ioan Iancovici Romania 308000 24.Andrej Desset Slovakia 277000 25.Lucien Guy M Kroonen Belgium 264000 26.Mikel Calo' Italy 259000 27.Maik Kristof Holzwarth Magic Maik Germany 257000 28.Nexhdet Jasiqi Tipico Germany 240000 29.Frank Michael Rohrmueller kenny mcCormick Germany 237000 30.Francesco Di Paola Onorato Italy 231000 31.Ahmed Sedeeq Jirjees Jirjees RAMBOZ Iraq 223000 32.Armin Alijagic Garfield Bosnia and Herzegovina 216000 33.Alexandru Farcasanu Romania 201000 34.Schayan Aghajan Schakeri the perser Germany 200000 35.Alberto Campanile Italy 185000 36.Ionut Aurelian Stochita Romania 170000 37.Joel Hilpert Germany 169000 38.Mihai Aurelian Banu Romania 158000 39.Anh Vu Le Viet Nam 142000 40.Emil Ciprian Barat Romania 142000 41.Dennis Vogt Germany 135000 42.Mohammad Mahmoodi Persch mann Germany 114000 43.Giampietro Rizzo Italy 11200

Day1 Prague

Another Day1 was held yesterday in the Czech capital, Prague, which totaled 57 total entries (including 12 re-entries), leading to Day2

1. DIJO VINCENT 771,000

2. ADAM POLEK 443,000

3. ADI NEIGAUZ 338,000

4. MAK SAUKA 332,000

5. FILIP SOCHOR 305,000





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