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🇩🇪 Raid Mohammad Mahdi takes Day1 B

Entries 67/ Left 7

Just the time to hand over the scepter and trophy to Massimo Schiralli, new ReMida Poker Team champion, and here we are in the Czech Republic to tell you about another great tournament, the €500,000 guaranteed France Poker Festival with €190 buy-in.

The 43 entrants at the start plus the 24 re-entries made, brought the total number of entries to 67, with 7 new qualifiers in addition to the 8 coming from yesterday's flight (details on Day 1 A at the bottom of the article).

The Tournament

He has been floating around the average for most of the tournament. Still, then, Raid Mohammad Mahdi (photo below) managed with a sprint in the last two levels of play, to take the first place in the provisional count, overtaking the second by just 6,000 chips, just over half a big blind:

"I'm delighted," Raid said warmly, "I think I played well, staying fairly closed in the early stages and waiting for the right hands to build the stack. Am I a professional? I do several things in life, playing poker is definitely one of them!"

Second on today's count is Czech Michal Skala, chip leader for long stretches of the tournament and certainly pleased with the 560,000 chips he bagged. Completing the virtual podium is Italian "B.S." at 424,000. The full Day 1 B count follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Raid Mohammad Mahdi DEU 568.000

  2. Michal Skala CZE 560.000

  3. B.S. ITA 424.000

  4. Lucky Lolek DEU 413.000

  5. DaraMostar DEU 366.000

  6. Claudiu Descultu ROU 212.000

  7. Wilhelm Isaak DEU 157.000

Unofficial Chipcount Day1 A

Entries 83 / Left 8

Due to the concomitance with the Final Day of the ReMida Poker Team, we could not attend Day 1 A of the France Poker Festival, but we have provided you with the list of qualifiers anyway.

  1. Profiler910 ITA 749.000

  2. Dino MNE 629.000

  3. Jaroslav Malý CZE 499.000

  4. Marcin Andrzejewski POL 486.000

  5. Uwe Karl Heinz Joite DEU 313.000

  6. His4irness23 DEU 274.000

  7. Lucky Lolek DEU 224.000

  8. DENO BUENO DEU 145.,000

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4. Verification: Upon registration, a valid identity document will be requested to confirm identity and the absence of previous stays at the two locations.

5. Limitations: This offer is subject to availability and may require sharing a room with another eligible participant.

6. Conduct: Any attempt to defraud or manipulate the offer will result in exclusion from the promotion and future Euro Rounders events.

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