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🇮🇱 Aviv David Hayun takes the lead on Day1 D

Entries 278/ Left 32

Day 1 D Speed of the France Poker Festival, the fourth flight scheduled for this week, also came to an end at 2:30 am split. From tomorrow, however, the music is set to change with no less than two flights a day (one Normal and one Speed) and the usual wave of players visiting the King's Resort on this first weekend in March.

Today's numbers are higher than those totaled in the three previous flights put together: 278 entries on Day1 D, and 253 between Day1 A, B, and C. As far as the qualifiers are concerned, the 26 from the first three flights must be added to today's 32 for a total of 58.

Watching everyone from above is Aviv David Hayun from Israel (pictured above), who thanks to his performance reaches the provisional third position in the overall count with 667,000 chips:

"Am I the chip leader? - says an incredulous Aviv - my tournament was pretty much played on a key spot where I think I'm the underdog but in the end, I manage to pull off a nice double-up...

Am I a professional? I'd like to be, for now I've played a few WSOPE tournaments and won a ticket to EPM. In this tournament I got in with a satellite, I've been sitting at the table since 3 pm!"

The Top 5

Not too many chips behind today's chip leader are the Czech Stanislav Polacek at 637,000, followed by Austria's Jursen Strommer at 636,000, only 1,000 chips more than the man before him.

Poland's Radoslaw Krosnowski (633,000) and France's Huu Hoai Nguyen at 630,000 complete the Top 5. Niki Prela also passed the Day, telling us at the end of the day: "I'll be back again tomorrow, 356,000 is not enough, I want to reach Day 2 with a million!"

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Aviv David Hayun ISR 667.000

  2. Stanislav Polacek CZE 637.000

  3. Jursen Strommer AUT 636.000

  4. Radoslaw Krosnowski POL 633.000

  5. Huu Hoai Nguyen FRA 630.000

  6. Halim El Yaacoubi FRA 627.000

  7. Andreas Strommer AUT 572.000

  8. Mackiaveli GEO 512.000

  9. Vladislav Khmelnitskiy ISR 473.000

  10. Andrei Ghita ROU 416.000

  11. Juergen Kaiser DEU 377.000

  12. Raymond Jean Spiry FRA 370.000

  13. Cedric Daniel Wacquant FRA 369..000

  14. Prela Niki HRV 356.000

  15. Sarah Nadine Link DEU 344.000

  16. Ioannis Papoutsis GRC 340.000

  17. Lina Schenk LTU 296.000

  18. TOM K. DEU 293.000

  19. Luka77 ISR 267.000

  20. MeisterJohnny DEU 255.000

  21. Martin Zoubek CZE 254.000

  22. APO96 BIH 243.000

  23. McLux DEU 222.000

  24. BELÁ DEU 204.000

  25. Mohamed Hamdi FRA 196.000

  26. Manuel Torrents Avalos ESP 168.000

  27. Leon Aviv Abaev ISR 157.000

  28. Yosef Boker ISR 134.000

  29. Miron Krosnowski POL 127.000

  30. eMKey SVK 115.000

  31. Hans Michael Joerg Weide DEU 111.000

  32. Steve Gregory Galletti FRA 99.000

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4. Verification: Upon registration, a valid identity document will be requested to confirm identity and the absence of previous stays at the two locations.

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