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🇮🇹 Giorgio Soceanu by inches on Day1 G!

Entries 629/ Left 79

The second flight scheduled for today ended with 629 entries, bringing another 79 players to Day 2 this afternoon.

The best and luckiest of all today was the Italian of clear Romanian origin, Giorgio Soceanu (photo below), who can rejoice at having bagged 1,254,000 chips at the end of the day. Below are his words at the end of the day.

‘This is the third bullet I've made... I got lucky against A-A iso-shoving with K-Qs: a Queen on the flop and a Queen on the Turn helped me to scoop a big pot towards the middle stage of the tournament. From then on, it all went downhill. Before the end, I managed to get up to 1.4 million, but on the last hand, I lost on the river with Top Pair against a short player who called all-in on the turn with flush-draw and closed his project.

The field? Honestly, I found it good, considering the popular buy-in, but it always depends on the tables. Do I do this professionally? No, I'm an amateur. When I can afford a trip, I play with pleasure.'

A due comment also for the second chip, compatriot Michele D'Angelo (pictured above), who finished only 4,000 chips behind the top, the equivalent of a third of a Big Blind:

‘It went very, very well! I checked a lot, studied the opponents, and here I am!’

The Top 5

We have already mentioned the first two players in the count, so it remains to find out the other three who complete the Top 5. We start with Yann Laurent Frederic Lormel, aka ‘Man in White’, who took home 1,032,000 at the end of the day.

He is followed by Italy's Antonio De Lucia with 913,000 and Switzerland's Kujtim Bajrami with 884,000. Below is the complete list of all 79 qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount


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