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🇮🇹Emmella takes down IPO Main Event

Entries 987

It ended on points, a bit like a boxing match, this IPO Main Event, as the last three survivors opted for a deal crowning "Emmella" (chipleader at the time of the deal) as the winner.

Despite the fact that a handshake was preferred to the coup de theatre, we can assure you that never as in this case, the actual winner corresponds to the moral winner, because the good "Emmella" showed throughout the tournament that he had a leg up on his opponents.

Of course, tournaments are not won by bad luck, and it must be said that when he went to showdown his hands held up great (at least in most cases), but as far as we have seen these days the game expressed by the Italian has bordered on perfection.

Great timing, good choices when there was pressure to put on his opponents (see 4-bet with 9-9 in the 6-handed phase at the final table), and pressure coming from the payout steps that was practically nonexistent.

Unofficial final table

Day3 ended with 9 left, postponing final table practice until the next day. For about an hour and a half, the nine contenders did not spare each other at all, and in the end it was the Moldavian Novizi who gave way (or rather the chair) so that the others could take part in the feature table live streaming (HERE is the link to review the entire final table)

His elimination comes preflop against the Swiss "Space G" who with A ♦️Q♣️ on board 7♠️ K♦️ A♠️ 9♦️ J♦️ manages to get the better of 6♣️ 6 ♦️. Just ten minutes of break and the eight finalists are ready to battle for the first prize of 100,000CHF plus a WPT World Championship Main Event ticket.

The final table

Here is the composition of the final table with their stacks:

P1 3,315,000 "Ferrari"

P2 7,645,000 Ciprian Bucatariu

P3 4,160,000 Christian Niederer

P4 5,695,000 "Space G"

P5 3,385,000 Nadir Dfaili

P6 4,635,000 "Emmella"

P7 7,950,000 Matthew Spozio

P8 2,320,000 "Gala09"

Gala09 is the eighth place finisher

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

Despite the fact that the good "Gala09" had managed to find a very important double against "Ferrari", opening-shovening with A♦️ 5♦️ his 7BB in the face of the call with K♠️ 10♣️ of "Ferrari" on board 4♥️ 4♠️ Q♠️ 7♠️ 8♥️, luck presented him the bill a few hands later.

From UTG2 in fact "Gala09" goes directly all-in with J♦️ J♣️ (3.3M stack) but from CO the Romanian Bucatariu wakes up with K♥️K♣️ and re-shoves (6.2M stack) without even thinking too much about it.

BOARD: 4♥️ 4♠️ Q♠️ 7♠️ 8♥️

Bucatariu flies over 10M and Gala closes in 8th place for 9,200CHF.

"Ferrari" is out in 7th place

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

Left short after the showdown lost to Gala, "Ferrari" decided to call Spozio's all-in from SB with J♣️10♠️ (4.7M stack) putting them with 9♥️ 9♣️ from BB (2M stack).

BOARD: A♥️ J♥️ Q♦️ 7♦️ 2♥️

Ferrari folds in 7th place for 12,920CHF, Matteo Spozio reraises to about 30BB

Nadir Dfaili is the 6th place finisher

Blinds 120K/240K, ante 240K

Dfaili from HJ pins A♣️ J♠️ and goes directly all-in for 2.6M, Bucatariu from SB with 10♥️ 10♦️ and 11M behind reshoves and we go to showdown.

BOARD: 5♥️ 9♣️ 8♥️ 9♥️ Q♣️

Dfaili closes in 6th place and cashes 17,220CHF, Bucatariu flies in the count.

Christian Niederer closes in 5th place.

Blinds 120K/240K, ante 240K

Niederer, left with 6 BB (1.5M), openshova from BTN with 10♠️9♥️, Emmella from BB has an easy call with K♥️ Q♥️ (11M stack).

BOARD: 7♣️ J♠️ 4♣️ Q♣️ 6♣️

That leaves 4 and Niederer can console himself with a CHF 21,820 prize, while Emmella takes off, joining Bucatariu.

Matteo Spozio finishes in 4th place

Blinds 150K/300K, ante 300K

After a small break the 4 survivors try to see the numbers of a possible deal for ICM. Three out of four agree, except Matteo Spozio who prefers to play not happy with the 49,000 francs corresponding to his stack.

Lady Luck however is not on his side and after a few orbits here he succumbs against the unstoppable Emmella, who opens with K♥️ J♥️ from BTN finding Spozio's all-in for 2.7M (9BB) with 10♦️ 10♣️ .

Board: 2♠️ J♣️ A♠️ 7♠️ 2♥️

Matteo Spozio closes 4th for 28,980CHF.

"Emmella" wins IPO Main Event after a 3-way deal.

Blinds 150K/300K, ante 300K

If the three were already in agreement in the 4-handed phase, let alone three, and in fact after about ten minutes comes the final agreement:

"Emmella" 78,800CHF + WPT ME World Championship ticket.

Ciprian Bucatariu 73,400CHF

"Space G" 56,180CHF

The winner's interview

"I'm still a bit excited and I almost have a hard time remembering the hands I played! Let's just say that I always had a stack that allowed me to put pressure on my opponents no matter what cards I had, and that was definitely the key factor in this win.

Fortunately, it always went well, I must say, and my strategy paid off. Did I have the feeling that I could win? Yes, and that's why I preferred to play on the players by attacking in the right spots, without taking anything away from them let's be clear.

Especially when I realized that the payout steps were beginning to weigh more on others than on me. The three-way deal fully satisfies me, also because there is not only the prize money but also the ticket to the WPT Main that I had planned to play...Let's hope for the best!"


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