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🇨🇭Dritan Kaleci rocks IPO Master Day2

Entries 215/left 14

Play has been going on for about 10 hours (breaks included) at the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, where the final act of the IPO Festival has dominated the scene for the past two weeks, with the 1,100CHF buy-in IPO Master.

The entry counter had stopped at 166 yesterday, but with three levels of late registration open to Day2, it was desirable to see that figure rise significantly: in fact, there were 215 total entries at the close of the late, which generated a prize pool of 215,000CHF exceeding the expected prize pool of 200K.

As a reminder, the top 10 finishers will receive a ticket to the Wolf High Roller scheduled for next January worth 1,100CHF.

The Top 5

Starting from the 3rd position in the count the good Dritan Kaleci (photo below), a constant presence of the most relevant tournaments here in Liechtenstein, has been grinding chips all day long and we are not at all surprised to find out that the heaviest bag is indeed his. 3.655.000 chips for him and first position won with merit.

"It started very well," says today's chip leader "I was starting with a big stack and was able to express my game to the best of my ability. The field? In these tournaments you never know who you can find in front of you, there are very prepared players as well as amateurs who on their side have some experience at the table anyway."

In second place is Germany's "BRANDSTIFTER" at 3,015,000, followed by Lithuania's KARIM R. FRICKT at 2,600,000. Completing the Top 5 are Austrian ANDREAS MAGES at 2,375,000 and Italian LUIGI SERAFIN at 2,140,000.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. DRITAN KALECI CH 3.655.000

  2. BRANDSTIFTER DE 3.015.000

  3. KARIM R. FRICKT LI 2.600.000

  4. ANDREAS MAGES AT 2.375.000

  5. LUIGI SERAFIN IT 2.140.000

  6. ANDREAS FRÖHLI AT 1.385.000


  8. SALIH ATAC CH 1.295.000 (CLICK HERE for today's video interview)

  9. MARCEL BEHRENDT DE 1.000.000

  10. CHRISTIAN A. BECK AT 750.000

  11. MARC SEN CH 540.000

  12. ROBY SUN *BANANA JOE`S IT 535.000

  13. PETER LAREM DE 520.000

  14. DAMAGE CH 465.000

Final Payout

1. CHF44,280 + Wolf HR Ticket

2. CHF31,250 + Wolf HR Ticket

3. CHF22,080 + Wolf HR Ticket

4. CHF17,760 + Wolf HR Ticket

5. CHF13,120 + Wolf HR Ticket

6. CHF9,930 + Wolf HR Ticket

7. CHF8,370 + Wolf HR Ticket

8. CHF5,910 + Wolf HR Ticket

9. CHF4,660 + Wolf HR Ticket

10. CHF3,980 + Wolf HR Ticket

Sunday Side Event

Entries 36

The Sunday Side closes with 36 entries (including 29 single players and 7 re-entries) and the victory of "Leon17" (pictured above). Having awarded the top 6 positions (it should have been 5 but at 6-left the players decided by mutual agreement to "save" the bubble man from going home empty-handed), here is the final ranking:

  1. "Leon17" CHF2.090

  2. Oender Resber CHF1.480

  3. Ilija Petrovic CHF1.050

  4. Beata Burom CHF740

  5. Mr. Short CHF510

  6. Thomas Hardt CHF250


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