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🇫🇷 Jean Paul Pasqualini, the French top pro 🚀 ahead of Day1C IPO Sanremo

205 entries / 45 left

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In the third flight of the €1 million guaranteed IPO Sanremo, the chip leader is French and it is Jean-Paul Pasqualini, a pro with $3.3 million won in his career with his best result coming in 2009 when he won the Partouche Poker Tour in Cannes for €1 million in first money. He then went on to grind out results in his career winning many tournaments. Now he's off to storm the IPO San Remo main event. He bagged 325,000 chips, which is not a monster stack but still puts him at the top of the 43 players left out of 205 entries on Day 1.

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Gaetano Vigliarolo is chasing 311,000 chips with Domenico Gargano and Anna Mari Mursti at 310,000 chips. Watch out, however, because in eighth place there is a certain Dennis Karakashi who seems to change gears when he feels the Sanremo air. In fact, he closed as runner-up in an excellent Wpt National a few years ago from which he then began to grind results and consecrate himself as a talented player who hopes to "shoot up" this tournament that has crowned so many champions.

Let's scroll down the count with Enrico Buzzanca 14th with 247,000 chips, then a certain Danilo Colomba, a regular at the Matucian casino with 232,000 chips further back Nicola Cappelletto with 153,000 chips. Great return of Delfino Novara with 136,000 chips in the envelope while shorter Max Patroncini with 97,000 chips and also Jacek Pustula, reg of the Euro Rounders tournaments and also of IPO with half a million dollars won in his career and 87,000 chips conquered for Day2.

Today's schedule:

What's on the schedule today for the, Euro Rounders, and TexaPoker event at Casino di Sanremo? At 2 p.m. the €440 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha IPO side starts, with 40,000 chips and 30-minute levels. At 3 p.m. the fourth starting flight of qualification for Day 2A on Sunday 7 May at 1 p.m.

Chipcount Day1C:

*We would like to remind you that the chipcount is unofficial as reported by verbal declaration of the players


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