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🇦🇹 Andreas Frohli leads the last 24 at IPO

Entries 3.650/24 left

Here we are at the final act of the Sanremo 2023 IPO, with 24 qualifiers vying for the title and a €280,000 first prize. It was a really intense day, which saw the field shrink from 184 participants to just three tables.

Leading the pack was 🇦🇹 Andreas Frohli, for long stretches in command, thanks to a superlative performance that allowed him to bag 17,360,000 chips, the equivalent of over 100 big blinds at the restart of the Final Day when the blinds will reach 80/160K.

The Top 3

Austria's Andreas Frohli can boast $123,000 in gross live tournament winnings, accumulated strictly in low buy-in tournaments. If he were to hit it big today it would undoubtedly be his best score ever, which currently stands at 6th place in a PLO tournament at EPT Barcelona for $26,000.

At the end of the day we asked him what the key hands of his tournament had been, here is his answer:

"Yes, there were two in particular. In the first one, he opens CO 42 BB, I decide to 3-bet with T-T from BTN, he 4-bets with A-K and I decide to go all-in winning the coin flip.

I think an hour later, a player raises in MP, I 3-bet small (we are over 40 BB deep), he plays and I flopped a Set on 8-4-2 while he has Aces.

From then on everything went smoothly, I started winning lots of small pots, and from 9 million I practically doubled my stack without risking much.

If I had any particularly tough opponents at the table? It's hard to say, when you have a lot of chips and can make your own game the dynamics change, I should have had a few even stacks to better answer that question."

In second place - don't let the name fool you - is an Italian, Zlatin Penev, a native of Romagna although of Bulgarian origin.

For him today there will be a good 14 million chips to manage, as well as the chance to improve on his best result in a live event after winning the UK IPT last year for €144,630.

"My tournament? - says Zlatin - It started off quite well, I managed almost immediately to double up from 500 to 1 million: from then on it all went downhill and I always had easy tables that allowed me to make stacks.

The most important hand? Just before the end of the Day at T100K on an opening from CO with A-6off, BTN 3-bet to 750K, we 4-bet to 1,550,000, and the 3-bettor calls. A-9-7 rainbow comes out, we play even stack, BTN goes all-in and we find the call with Oppo turning over Q-8off saying 'nice call'.

From that moment I moved up to 12 million and after winning a few more small pots I made it to 14 with no sweat."

On the bottom step of the podium was Peter Bomba with 12,995,000.

Davide Nutarelli e Nicola Angelini a tifare per l'amico Zlatin

The other qualifiers

In fourth position is Vincenzo Ruggiero at 9,005,000, while in fifth is the only survivor of the Giordano brothers, Alessandro, at 8,890,000. Practically level on the stack, with 8,860,000 chips, is Marco Cipriani, followed by Michael Uguccioni (7,750,000), Domenico Cancro (6,465,000), Nicola D'Anselmo (6,445,000) and the evergreen Alessandro Scermino (5,450,000).

A little further back, in position number 14, comes Francesco del Foco (4,200,000). Below is the complete list of qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount e Seat Redraw

Pos Surname Name Stack Seat Table

1 FROHLI ANDREAS 17.360.000 10 7

2 PENEV ZLATAN 14.000.000 8 1

3 BOMBA PETER 12.995.000 8 7

4 RUGGIERO VINCENZO 9.005.000 7 1

5 GIORDANO ALESSANDRO 8.890.000 10 4

6 CIPRIANI MARCO 8.860.000 8 8

7 UGUCCIONI MICHAEL 7.750.000 10 3

8 CANCRO DOMENICO 6.465.000 8 6

9 D'ANSELMO NICOLA 6.445.000 10 5

10 SCERMINO ALESSANDRO 5.450.000 7 6

11 MONTAGNO GAETANO 4.780.000 7 4


13 MADAN ION 4.280.000 7 7

14 DEL FOCO FRANCESCO 4.200.000 8 2

15 MATTI ARMAND 4.050.000 8 3

16 SPADARO ANTONINO 3.950.000 7 8

17 SARANIERO RICCARDO 3.530.000 7 5

18 RIZZO GIAMPIETRO 3.175.000 10 2

19 RINALDI MICHELE 3.170.000 10 8

20 LAVITOV MAKSYM 2.700.000 7 3

21 BRUNO TARCISIO 2.260.000 10 6

22 DI PERNA NICO 1.965.000 7 2

23 MOSAKI ELIE 1.420.000 10 1

24 HU LULEI 1.330.000 8 4

*Please note that the chip count is not official, as it is reported from verbal statements of the players.


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