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🇭🇷 Niki Prela dazzles on Day1 A

Entries 54/ Left 6

The Italian Poker Sport 52nd edition opens quietly (as in last year's record edition, ed.) here at the King's Resort in Rozvadov.

There were 54 entries and 6 qualified for Day 1 A, the first of the 9 flights scheduled for this week which, judging by the bookings, promises to be very intense.

The best of them all today is a well-known face on the Eurorounders circuit, we're talking about Croatian Niki Prela (pictured above), capable of amassing a stack of 931,000 chips, truly an enormity considering the number of participants:

"I think it's at least the fifth or sixth time you've taken my photo and interview for finishing a Day 1 in the lead," Niki joked at the end of the Day, "next time I'd like it to happen at the end of the tournament!

How did I manage to get so many chips? I played my game and everything went well. A funny anecdote might be what happened on the last hand, where I'm in the Big Blind. Before seeing the cards, I declare that if someone had tried to attack my blind, I would have gone all in.

Raise, re-raise and it's my turn, with everyone much shorter in the stack: said, done, all-in! One of them called and turned over K-10s but, unfortunately for him, I had K-K!"

The tournament

Besides the aforementioned Niki we find, at 658,000, the American Dalton Nixon Hunter, followed by the Englishman George Ralph De Bathe at 365,000.

Fourth and fifth place are the prerogatives of Germany's DaraMostar (354,000) and China's Hu Sheng Li (289,000). Romanian Marius Serban Moldoveanu (104,000) closes the list of qualifiers. The list of qualifiers with their stacks follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Prela Niki Croatia 931.000

  2. Nixon Hunter Dalton United States 658.000

  3. Mr George Ralph De Bathe United Kingdom 365.000

  4. DaraMostar Germany 354.000

  5. Li Sheng Hu China 289.000

  6. Marius Serban Moldoveanu Romania 104.000



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