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🇺🇦 Pavlo Tormozov runs great at Day1 C

Entries 96/ Left 13

The third scheduled flight at the 52nd IPS festival, Day 1 C, closes with 96 total entries and 13 qualifiers for Sunday's Day 2. If so far it has been an appetizer, from tomorrow the action will begin in earnest and the action will move to the main poker room at the King's Resort.

While we wait for official confirmation after the stacks have been checked by the insiders, we can unofficially announce that today's chip leader is also the player who has accumulated the most chips between Day1 A, B, and C and is, therefore, a candidate to win the ticket up for grabs for the next Eureka Poker Tour here in Rozvadov.

We're talking about Ukrainian Pavlo Tormozov (pictured above), who was able to surpass Niki Prela's performance on Day1 A and put aside the beauty of 1,085,000 chips, the only player to break the one million mark:

"It was a very good day," said Pavlo at the end of the Day, "I saw a lot of good hands and on one occasion I managed to win a 20% hit: a rather standard BTN/BB dynamic, we ended up in the rests for half my stack with J-J against K-K. A pot of around 300,000 allowed me to build up a nice lead and apply the right amount of pressure on my opponents.

Have I ever closed a Day 1 as chip leader? If I remember correctly yes, I ended up in the Top 70, let's hope I do better this time!"

The Top 5

Right behind the day's chip leader, albeit far behind, is the Czech Michal Skala at 653,000, while the third step of the (virtual) podium belongs to Marco Di Persio, who on his third attempt qualifies for Day2 with 540,000 chips.

Fourth and fifth place for the Romanian Dan Sfarlea (430,000) and the Bulgarian Aleksandar Nikolaev Nanchev (370,000). Maria Lampropoulos (273,000), Lorena Del Treppo (254,000), and Flaviano Cammisuli (242,000) also advanced. Below is the complete list of qualifiers from Day 1 C.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Pavlo Tormozov Ukraine 1085000

  2. Michal Skala Czech Republic 653000

  3. Marco Di Persio Italy 540000

  4. Dan Sfarlea Romania 430000

  5. Aleksandar Nikolaev Nanchev Bulgaria 370000

  6. Stanislav Polacek Czech Republic 294000

  7. Maria Constanza Lampropulos Greece 273000

  8. Liviu Alexandru Nedelea Rafa2017 Romania 256000

  9. Lorena Del Treppo Croatia 254000

  10. Flaviano Cammisuli Italy 242000

  11. Mikael Philipe Hen Hanouna AMISRHAI Israel 164000

  12. Adrian Iacob Romania 153000

  13. Marian Kubis eMKey Slovakia 88000


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