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🇹🇷 Kazim Bilecan destroys Day1 D

Entries 337/ Left

The 4th flight of the IPS 52nd edition has added another page to the Festival and has the busiest of all so far. Yes, because from tomorrow on, until the end of the week, it is expected to be packed around King's Resort with two flights per day divided into "Normal" and "Speed" (CLICK HERE to see the detailed weekend plan).

Bringing in a stack for Sunday's Day2 were 39, which added to the 30 from the first 3 Day1s brought the total number of qualifiers to 69.

Best of all on this first day of February was Turkey's Kazim Bilecan (pictured above), who at the end of the day can boast 1,060,000 chips, the second-best stack overall:

"Everything went very well as you can see from the stack! - jokes Kazim - Were there any hands worth mentioning? Well, I managed to win a 3-way showdown with 9-9 against my opponents who both had A-K.

From then on it all went downhill. No, I'm not a pro but I love this game and I'm happy to have finished at the top of the count."

The Top 5

Only a handful of blinds behind is Israel's Daniel Danny Eihaiany at 1,038,000, followed by Italy's "B.S" with 874,000.

Completing the Top 5 are Germany's 'Paimon' (754,000) and France's Enzo Marius Boucherat (724,000). In total, there are 4 Italians among today's qualifiers, although the nation with the most at the moment is Germany with 9 out of 39 qualifiers. Below is the full list with stacks in play.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Kazim Bilecan Turkey 1.060.000

  2. Daniel Danny Eihaiany Israel 1.038.000

  3. B.S. Italy 874.000

  4. Paimon Germany 754.000

  5. Enzo Marius Boucherat France 724.000

  6. Maksym Knyzhenko Ukraine 717.000

  7. Ruslan Volkov Ukraine 701.000

  8. Franz Christian Doblinger Germany 692.000

  9. APO96 Bosnia and Herzegovina 631.000

  10. Jaromir Hanel Czech Republic 619.000

  11. Florian Christian Kast Germany 601.000

  12. Yizhaq Hay Israel 562.000

  13. Manfred Friedrich Bass Germany 518.000

  14. Sebastian Kappenberg Germany 513.000

  15. PEPA G. Czech Republic 502.000

  16. Kostadin Mihaylov Mihaylov Bulgaria 374.000

  17. Patrick Ronacher Austria 365.000

  18. CEMOOOOO Germany 352.000

  19. Albert Ryan Santander Hernandez United States 351.000

  20. Yann Laurent Frederic Lormel France 338.000

  21. Tomas Kral Czech Republic 331.000

  22. Yaron Turgeman Portugal 324.000

  23. SLAVUJ Montenegro 318.000

  24. Anthony Benja Mahaut France 294.000

  25. Robert Nechifor Dascalescu Romania 283.000

  26. Maximilian Florian Hel Gruber Germany 273.000

  27. Miroslav Navratil Czech Republic 256.000

  28. Andrea Cacioppo Italy 250.000

  29. Marco Castellano Italy 248.000

  30. Andrei Alexandru Sasu Romania 245.000

  31. Alessandro Barone Italy 238.000

  32. Zdenek Dostal Czech Republic 238.000

  33. Christos Christou Cyprus 227.000

  34. Roland Schweinstetter Germany 227.000

  35. Alexander Avraham Poizner Israel 200.000

  36. Oliver Mihajlovski Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of 194.000

  37. ALL-IN Germany 165.000

  38. BJKO7 Turkey 161.000

  39. Dor Shlomo Edry Israel 36.000


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