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🇩🇪 Marcel Behrendt dominates Day1 D

Entries 30/ Left 10

Day 1 D of the Wolf High Roller has also come to an end, bringing another 10 qualifiers for Day 2 out of 30 total entries (including 2 re-entries).

In total, there will be 72 players on Day 2 (in addition to those who will enter directly on Day 2, since late registration will remain open for the first three levels of play) out of 205 entries total in the first 4 flights.

The best of all, today, was Marcel Behrendt (winner of the IPO Master last 20 November) who managed to bag 504,100 chips at the end of the day:

"It didn't go as well as one might imagine," says Marcel, "at least as far as the first levels of play were concerned. In several situations, I found myself with the second best hand and eventually had to re-enter.

Fortunately, I already had a ticket and at the end of the day, I only paid one buy-in. At the second bullet, the wind changed and it was me holding the best hands. Was there a decisive blow? Yes, I won a pot of about 290,000 chips practically in a coin-flip, because I ended up all-in with Q-Q against my opponent who had flush-draw and all the Aces open.

Feelings for tomorrow? Well, starting with this stack, considering the regressive structure, is an advantage. Plus, I know most of the players and that's not to be underestimated either, but it would be pointless to get too excited after Day 1, despite the chip leading!"

The Top 5

The second on the count is Swiss Feliks Wilczynski, who brings home 331,200 chips, well below the performance of the chip leader, but still an excellent stack considering that when play resumes the blinds will be 1.2K/2.4K, ante 2.4K.

Third position for Patrick J. Schratz at 294,5000, while in fourth place we find another rather well-known (and winning) face in these parts: "Space G" who will bring 222,300 chips to Day 2. Symeon Alexandridis (202,600) closes the Top 5.

Also passing the Day was "Nokia 3310" (155,400), another regular on the circuit, and Dritan Kaleci (137,000), double runner-one at both the White Wolf and the IPO Master won by chip leader Marcel Behrendt. Below is the complete list of qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. MARCEL BEHRENDT 504.100


  3. PATRICK J. SCHRATZ DE 294.500

  4. SPACE G CH 222.500

  5. CK CH 222.300



  8. DANILO BEDINI IT 162.000

  9. NOKIA 3310 CH 155.400

  10. DRITAN KALECI CH 137.000



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