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🦈 Paolo Mercuri leading Sharkbay's Day 3

Entries 975/ Left 8

It was a great battle that we had the pleasure of witnessing today at the Games of Titan poker room. Day 3 of the Sharkbay Main Event saw 98 players at the starting line, or 10% of the field made up of 975 total entries including re-entries.

Leading the ranks was the expert Claudio Daffinà, who only just managed to reach the final table after remaining with 6 blinds. It was Paolo Mercuri (photo below) who took the lead with 8 left, bagging 11,025,000 chips:

"I started with 866,000 chips, 15th in the count," Paolo told us at the end of the day, "I think I played pretty well, I'm delighted with my result. I don't remember any particular shot, I accumulated the stack progressively over the day.

It's the first time that I've reached such a prestigious final table, I've been able to hit it and come first in a tournament with a similar buy-in but with fewer players. Do I feel a bit of pressure? Well, I can't hide but it feels good!"

The tournament

Let's start at the end, represented specifically by the photo below: here are the eight finalists of the main event who will face off tomorrow via live streaming starting at 15:00.

Four of them are still in the running for the last longer (Paolo Mercuri, Davide Nutarelli, Bartolomeo Tatò, and Angelo Alvisi), the promotion is reserved for those who have taken the trouble to book the Seat through our site. Three packages for the 200K CHF GTD White Wolf in Liechtenstein, worth 1,100 CHF each, are up for grabs.

Elesion Tusha (pictured below), the ninth-place finisher in this main event, would also have been happy to join the party, but luck turned on him at the best of times and on both occasions when he decided to put all his chips in the middle, they never came back.

On the first attempt, he failed to hit double after losing QQ < A-K to Dario Sorrenti.

The decisive hand, however, came a few orbits later, when he decided to open-shove his 7 BB with Q-9 to Clubs from UTG, finding Sorrenti's BTN call with A-T and the fold of the blinds: a Queen on the flop ignited his hopes which were extinguished by the sight of a Kappa on the turn. River is irrelevant and Tusha is forced to abandon his dreams of glory prematurely.

Before him, it was the turn of Pierangelo Bronzetti, Carmine Savioli, and Claudio Daffinà. The latter, chip leader at the start, had a beautiful flush closed in his face by good Bartolomeo Tatò, in the following dynamic:

Bartolomeo Tatò limps from MP, Tusha completes from SB and Daffinà goes all-in finding Tatò call and Tusha fold. At the showdown, Tatò had A-3 in Hearts against J-J, but a 2, 4, and 5 on the board, also in Hearts, allowed him to hit a nice straight flush.

The finalists

Second in the count is Angelo Alvisi, who on the final table manages to win a nice flush against Tatò, making his flush with Q-9 on 8-7-5-J-6 from his opponent's K-K with a nice value bet on the river. Bartolomeo will suffer the blow and tomorrow will only have a handful of blinds at his disposal.

Third place for Marco Gambini, unchallenged chip leader for most of the Day, able to stay the course after accumulating a huge lead at 3 tables left. Thanks to some showdowns won against short-stack players and constant pressure with many small pots taken home, a task facilitated by the stack available.

Dario Sorrenti closes in 4th place with 5,200,000 chips after winning both showdowns against Tusha: A-K vs Q-Q and A-T vs Q-9 (as described above) allow him to return tomorrow to play for the trophy and first coin.

Closing out the Top 5 was Alessandro Signoriello, just one step away from elimination when, against David Nutarelli, he found himself down with Q-Q vs A-K: the board featured neither a K nor an A and Signoriello could smile. A few hands later Nutarelli manages to double up by winning at the preflop showdown with K-K and tomorrow he will come back with 3,500,000 from 6th in the count.

The last two, at least at the start, are Massimo Armenio (pictured top right, 2,575,000) and Bartolomeo Tatò (pictured bottom left, 1,500,000), protagonists of some of the most striking hands recorded today.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Paolo Mercuri 11.025.000

  2. Angelo Alvisi 10.925.000

  3. Marco Gambini 9.325.000

  4. Dario Sorrenti 5.200.000

  5. Alessandro Signoriello 4.700.000

  6. Davide Nutarelli 3.500.000

  7. Massimo Armenio 2.575.000

  8. Bartolomeo Tatò 1.500.000



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