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🇷🇴 Paul Adrian Covaciu bags big on Day1 D

Updated: May 25

Entries 363/Left 38

Day 1D of the Balkan Poker Circuit ended with 323 entries, and 38 players advanced to Day 2 on Sunday.

Considering the 49 players already qualified from the previous flights, the total count rises to 87. In terms of entries, today’s 363 entries are added to the 439 registered in the first three flights.

The best performer today is Romanian Paul Adrian Kovaciu (pic below), who ends the day with a stack of 1,330,000 chips. Below are his impressions at the end of the day.

‘I decided to play the “Normal” flight, firstly because I like to start in the morning and secondly because I feel better and am more focused. Obviously, with the longer levels, the strategic component is enhanced, and you can express a better game.

To be fair, today, I was relatively lucky in some circumstances, so let's say that the structure combined with a decent run allowed me to accumulate a lot of chips ahead of Day 2. What do I think of this tournament? Well, the field is definitely softer than a 1K or 2K tournament, but it's never easy to make chips in this game!

The Top 5

In addition to the aforementioned Paul Kovaciu, another Romanian, Florin Ghimpu, is in second place with 1,014,000 chips, followed by German Tobias Thurner with 883,000 chips.

Completing the top 5 are Dominik Klaushofer with 850,000 chips and Werner Nather with 835,000 chips. Below is the complete chip count for Day 1D.

Unofficial Chipcount


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