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🇭🇷 Niki Prela cannibalises Day1 D!

Entries 49 / Left 11

Some say it's all a matter of karma. What is certain is that the light-heartedness with which Niki Prela, Day1 D chip leader of the ReMida Poker Team, faces tournaments is a rare commodity at the gaming tables.

Before talking about the day's protagonist though, let's take a quick look at the numbers: thanks to the 49 entries in the day's second flight, the €150,000 guaranteed prize pool has already been surpassed with Day1 E Speed still to be played (today starting at noon).

In total, out of 517 entries, there are 133 (including the 11 qualifiers from Day 1 D) who have secured a Seat for Day 2 this afternoon.

Going back to the good Niki Prela (pictured above), the anecdote to take into account is that the Croatian player already had his Day 2 pass in his pocket as he managed to qualify with 234,000 chips in the first available flight.

Partly out of boredom, partly because of the prizes reserved for the chip leaders, the fact remains that Niki got back on track to try and do better than he had done on Day1 A. Mission accomplished:

"You know what happened? Everyone was playing against me because they knew I had nothing to lose, but I waited, I waited.... And in the end who is the best player in the world?" - he jokes as usual at the end of Day.

"I was only interested in becoming chip leader and not even too much for the money at stake, I wanted to finish first! Then came this €3,000 and so thanks to EuroRounders! I follow you at all events and will continue to do so. I am a EuroRounders, thanks to you!"

The Top 5

Despite the small number of participants, there was certainly no shortage of excitement in this Day 1 D. First of all, we omitted to mention that the aforementioned Niki had just under 20 big blinds at the end of the 10th level out of the 11 planned for Day 1.

An experienced ride that took him to 476,000, in the provisional Top 10 overall. An excellent result also for Alessandro Scermino (second at 418,000 and €2,000 chip leader prize for him).

Third place for the third of the Masciale brothers, Carmine (interviewed by Federico Tosi just a week before the tournament), at €343,000 plus a €1,000 chip leader prize. With the other two qualified for Day 2 through Day 1 C, Team "Queen of Hearts" will have a leg up on Day 2.

Completing the Top 5 are Massimo Schiralli and Enrico Scalabrino, with 301,000 and 259,000 chips respectively. Cataldo Valletta (6th with 256,000), Edis Bečić (196,000), and Luca Quilichini (98,000) are also passing. Below is the full count with a seat redraw for this afternoon.

Unofficial Chipcount & Seat Redraw

  Name Surname Chips Table Seat

  1. NIKI PRELA 476000 04 5

  2. SCERMINO ALESSANDRO 418000 09 10

  3. MASCIALE CARMINE 343000 09 1

  4. SCHIRALLI MASSIMO 301000 04 9

  5. SCALABRINO ENRICO 259000 04 2

  6. VALLETTA CATALDO 256000 09 5

  7. TRANQUILLI EMANUELE 235000 04 8

  8. CERULO SERAFINO 213000 09 9

  9. BEČIĆ EDIS 196000 04 4

  10. PUCCETTI DANIELE 146000 04 6

  11. QUILICHINI LUCA 98000 09 4

ReMida Poker Team - Rules

1)Form a team of 5 members and register it on the portal before the start of Day1A, the team that scores the most points will win the Bonus of €20,000, the second best team €10,000 and the third best team €5,000

2) Players without a team may also participate in the tournament but will lose their chance to compete for the Bests Team Bonus

3) Each team must indicate at the time of registration its captain, who will be responsible for all communication between the team and Euro Rounders and will be the one who will be awarded the Bonus of €20,000. All five team members are obliged to register for the tournament, otherwise the team will be disqualified. Any changes to the team must be received before the start of Day 1A via the portal

4) Team lists will be visible at

5) In case a member of the team does not show up due to other commitments, the team can make use of one (and only one) wild card, i.e. a component to be inserted in the team to complete the roster of the 5, provided that this last added component has not yet played any Day of the Remida Team Main Event schedule. The wild card can be replaced even if previously communicated, as long as he/she has not yet played any Day of the Remida Team Main Event schedule.

6) Points will be awarded to each team member who reaches the various missions: - mission qualification to Day2: 5 points - mission ITM zone (ITM 8% total entries): 20 points - mission final table of 9 players: 35 points - mission podium: 55 points EXAMPLES COUNTING POINTS: player who arrives second in the tournament entered in the YELLOW TEAM: 55 points player who arrives eighth in the tournament entered in the YELLOW TEAM: 35 points the other 3 players of the YELLOW TEAM do not reach the qualification to Day2: 0 points Total points YELLOW TEAM: 90 points

7) In case of equal points the prize will be divided equally between the various teams

8) As far as possible, the tournament management will ensure that members of the same team are not at the same table. In cases where this cannot be avoided, any attempt at collusion will be punished as in a normal tournament out of respect for players participating in the event without a team.

9) Team captains must check the scores and, in the event of an error, report it within 24 hours of the update or no later than the awarding of prizes. From then on, no corrections can be made. The bonus must be handed over to the captain, if he/she is not present, the vice-captain must be indicated by the delivery of the prizes by filling in the proxy form to be requested from

10) During the period of validity of these Regulations, the Tournament Management may, at its sole discretion, make additions to the same for organizational and functional requirements. The Tournament Management may, due to unforeseen or unexpected events, introduce modifications and additions to protect and safeguard the event

🎁 Promo "First Experience" with ♣️ Euro Rounders

Validity: 1 February to 31 March 2024 during the event 🤴 Remida Poker Team and 🇫🇷 France Poker Festival.


1. Eligibility: The "First Experience" promotion is open to all participants who have never visited Casino Perla Resort in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and King's Resort in Rozvadov (Czech Republic).

2. Booking: To access this offer, participants must book at least 6 days in advance the live poker event they are interested in via the Euro Rounders booking service at +39 338 3661484

3. Free Accommodation: Euro Rounders is offering, for up to 10 rooms, two nights of free accommodation in a double or twin room to eligible first-time participants in one of the events.

   - Remida Poker Team €150,000GTD from 22 to 26 February 2024 (Perla Resort)

   - France Poker Festival €500,000GTD from 26 February to 4 March 2024 (King's Resort)

4. Verification: Upon registration, a valid identity document will be requested to confirm identity and the absence of previous stays at the two locations.

5. Limitations: This offer is subject to availability and may require sharing a room with another eligible participant.

6. Conduct: Any attempt to defraud or manipulate the offer will result in exclusion from the promotion and future Euro Rounders events.

7. Changes: Euro Rounders reserves the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice.

Contact Details: For further information or clarification, please contact Euro Rounders customer service at +39 338 3661484


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