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🇮🇹Gianluca Cammarata wins ReMida Poker Team

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Entries 339

In the end Gianluca Cammarata won after a very long final table full of surprises, also due to the points up for grabs reserved for the Team ranking, which kept the players in suspense until the last stages of the game.

It ended with a cheap deal that rewarded, along with Gianluca, Luca Audino and Andrea Michelotto, the latter winner together with his companions of the prize reserved for the Teams, won on the edge at the expense of "EvBets", the only team to bring two members to the final table.

Third place in teams for Davide Goffredo's team 'VPE1', which took home €5,000, against the €20K reserved for the first and the €10K due to the second. To find out the complete Team Ranking just CLICK HERE.

Before talking about the final table though, let's take a moment to review the action from the start of the Day with 24 left until the FT bubble burst.

The Final Day

It started at 14:00 with Dejan Maksimović in the lead. After a few hands Fabrizio Marancio doubled his stack by defending A-8s with just over 10bB on Luca Audino's opening with K-9o. On the flop, on A-K-9, Audino goes directly all-in, Marancio calls: turn 10 and river 8 deliver the pot to the Team player.

A few hands later Audino opens from UTG1, Ramaj Perparin shoves for 610k from BTN, Gianluca Cammarata (second photo) re-shoots for about 800k from BB, Audino passes, the showdown is 6-6 for Perparin A-Ks for Cammarata, the board reads 10-4-2-A-10 and Gianluca doubles up while Ramaj is player out.

There was also no luck for Roberto Roberti who lost in a flip to Giuseppe Lomastro (6-6 vs Q-10 on 8-10-J-8-K): he was 19th.

Slaćan Todorović succumbed against Kniewald Dominik even though he played 70% preflop: A-Qs vs A-8s (in Hearts) and the board read 5-10-7-4-J (including 4 cards in Hearts) and there were 16 players left.

Another 70/30 hit, even if this time the short starts at a disadvantage, condemns Mattia Valtutto: A-Q vs Dario Quattrucci's K-K, smooth board and Quattrucci rises to 1.3M.

A few hands later Quattrucci from UTG, flops Audino from BTN, the blinds fold. On the flop 6♠️ 7♥️ A♥️ Dario's check-call on Audino's 120K bet. New c-call on 3♣️ on the turn, this time the size chosen by Audino is 230K. Check for both on the 8♥️ river, Quattrucci turns A-J and Audino mucks. With this pot of over 1M chips Quattrucci climbs into the Top3 of the count.

In the war of the blinds Giancarlo Imperati shoves 5bui with 8-5o and Kniewald Dominik (main photo) calls with 10-9o from the BB, smooth board and Kniewald raises to 2M.

At the next table, Nicola Todesco makes it big to Giuseppe Lomastro. Lomastro opens from UTG (we are 5-handed) and Todesco flops from UTG1, the others fold. On the board Q-3-3 Lomastro checks, Todesco bets 1/3 pot, Lomastro raises to 500K and Todesco goes all-in for 1.6M total. Lomastro thought about it for several minutes and folded showing K-Qo, whereupon Todesco turned over 5-5 to the applause of the spectators gathered around.

In the next hand preflop cooler between Todesco and Audino, A-K for the former, K-K for the latter. The board 8-Q-7-9-4 gave Audino the pot and chipleading, while Todesco went down to 5 blinds, remaining the shortest along with Fabrizio Marancio.

However, Todesco managed to double up on Quattrucci with Q-J vs A-K: the board 2-6-4-9-Q gave him a magic river allowing him to get back to 1.5M.

After about twenty minutes, however, Todesco again made himself the protagonist and capitulated against Audino, even though he put up 70%: A-K vs K-Q on J-7-Q-5-6 and we entered the final-table bubble.

Not even five minutes pass and Audino is again with chips in the middle at 30% with K♣️Q♣️, this time against Quattrucci's A♦️Q♥️. The board is chilling: K♦️7♦️ 7♣️ 9♦️3♦️per a runner-runner flush that gives Dario the double.

One table away, however, it is team-mate Fabrizio Marancio's turn, also all-in with A♦️Q♦️contro K♥️ Q♣️ from Dominik Kniewald. The board? A-8-2-7-Q and games closed already on the turn. The 9 finalists are now in recess awaiting the start of the final table.

Here are the finishing positions from 24th to 10th place

Pos. 10 - Dominik Kniewald

Pos. 11 - Nicola Todesco

Pos. 12 - Ivan Marrusich

Pos. 13 - Carlo Arrigoni

Pos. 14 - Luciano Delli Santi

Pos. 15 - Giancarlo Imperati

Pos. 16 - Slaćan Todorović

Pos. 17 - Mattia Valtutto

Pos. 18 - Pasquale Vinci

Pos. 19 - Roberto Roberti

Pos. 20 - Ramaj Perparin

Pos. 21 - Mario Galić

Pos. 22 - Daniel Tatarovic

Pos. 23 - Andrea Campi

Pos. 24 - Tiziano Fasan

After an intense battle that lasted over 4 hours we finally have the 9 finalists of the ReMida Poker Team!

The finalists

Here are the names and stacks of the best 9:

  1. Luca Audino 5,545,000

  2. Andrea Michelotto 1,430,000

  3. Michele Gobbin 490,000

  4. Dario Quattrucci 1,800,000

  5. Giuseppe Lomastro 1,530,000

  6. Fabrizio Marancio 2,220,000

  7. Gianluca Cammarata 3,700,000

  8. Dino Bathijarev 930,000

  9. Dejan Maksimović 2,800,000

The final payout

  1. 20.000€

  2. 11.500€

  3. 8.500€

  4. 6.000€

  5. 4.135€

  6. 3.200€

  7. 2.500€

  8. 2.000€

  9. 1.600€

And now let's follow the action elimination by elimination!

Giuseppe Lomastro is the 9th place finisher

BLinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

Lomastro opens from CO with 10-10 (stack about 1.5M) to 230K, BTN passes and Gianluca Cammarata 3-bet to 650 with A-J off-suited, BB folds, and Lomastro goes all-in, Cammarata snap-call and it's showdown.

Board: 8♥️ 4♣️ 3♦️ J♥️ J♦️

Lomastro gets up from the table visibly disappointed while Cammarata flies into second place in the provisional count.

Double player-out: Dino Bathijarev(8th), Michele Gobbin(7th)

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

Dino Bathijarev

Michele Gobbin

Three to the showdown on the following dynamic: Bathijarev goes all-in from HJ with 5♦️ 5♠️ for 430K, cold-flops Maksimović with K♦️ Q♥️ and Gobbin reshoves with 9♦️ 9♥️ for 630K, Maksimović calls.

Board: 3♠️ 4♣️ Q♣️ 6♦️ K♠️

Due to the stacks in play Dino Bathijarev folds in eighth place for €2,000, while Michele Gobbin manages to snatch seventh place, cashing for €2,500.

Maksimović exceeds 4 million chips.

The players paused for a few minutes in order to discuss a potential deal for ICM, but after Maksimović's 'no' we continued.

Here is the stack situation at 6 left:

Gianluca Cammarata 7.3M

Dejan Maksimović 3.7M

Luca Audino 3.5M

Andrea Michelotto 2.7M

Dario Quattrucci 2.6M

Fabrizio Marancio 1.3M

Dario Quattrucci out in 6th place

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

CO-BTN dynamic between Audino and Quattrucci: Audino opens long, and Quattrucci, with A♥️ 10♦️, goes all-in for 1.9M, finding his opponent's snap-call with A♠️ A♦️.

Board: 9♥️ 6♣️ 9♠️ A♣️ 7♥️

Quattrucci collects a €3,200 prize as well as the potential win of the team prize, as he is still in the running for the final win, while Audino moves up to around 4M chips.

Fabrizio Marancio out in 5th place

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

Shove from BTN for Marancio with K♣️ 6♣️ for about 900K and re-shove by Cammarata with 4♦️ 4♣️, BB passes and we go to the showdown.

Board: 4♠️ J♠️ 8♣️ 10♥️ K♥️

Marancio closes with €4,135 and a fifth place that screams revenge, even when it comes to the team ranking as Michelotto with his Team "Medicina et Lex", being still in the game, could turn the situation around and lead his team to the final victory.

Dinner break

The four survivors go on a dinner break for an hour

Here is the situation at the moment:

  1. Gianluca Cammarata 5.2M

  2. Luca Audino 9M

  3. Andrea Michelotto 3.5M

  4. Dejan Maksimović 3.3M

Here we go again!

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

Ready to go and Michelotto doubles up on Audino. Michelotto opens from UTG (we are 4-handed) and Audino defends with J♠️ 9♠️. On 2-10-J Michelotto c-bets, Audino goes all-in for 2.8M and Michelotto calls instantly with Q-Q. Neither turn nor river changed the situation and Michelotto took the head of the count.

After about ten minutes it was Maksimović who found the double against Michelotto: he opened from BTN for 12 blinds with A-8off and Michelotto called from BB with 6-6. An Ace on the flop is already a half-assed call and the situation doesn't change on either turn or river. Maksimović returned to 3.6M and Michelotto moved into second place behind Audino.

New Level

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

The tournament enters a stalemate: the 4 remaining players wait for the right spot to take action but what happens in reality, the chips don't move much and the situation remains unchanged. Maksimović and Michelotto are playing for first and third place in the team standings respectively (Michelotto only needs to hit the Top3 after the elimination of Quattrucci and Marancio for his team to win, while Maksimović can only aim for third place for €5,000 at best)

Blinds up!

Blinds 125K/250K, ante 250K

After a quarter of an hour break, the players return to their battle stations, although the action continues to stagnate. Taking advantage of the situation is Maksimović who takes the lead in the count to over 8 million when the tournament average is 5M.

He is followed by Adino at 4.5M, Cammarata at just under 4M and Michelotto at around 3.5M.

Cammarata over Michelotto

Michelotto opens with Q♠️ 9♠️ and Cammarata decides to trap his opponent with A♣️ A, busting the blinds. On the flop comes 10♣️ 6♥️ Q♣️, Michelotto c-bets 500K, only Cammarata calls.

On the turn 8♠️ falls, Michelotto bets again, this time 1M and Cammarata decides it's time to pull the trigger and sends them all in for 2.6M. Michelotto thinks about it for a while and then calls.

A 6♦️gives the pot to Cammarata who takes off, Michelotto instead short to 2.7M, just over 10 BB at the time.

Cammarata flies high

Blinds 150K/300K, ante 300K

Dynamic BTN vs SB, Cammarata open-shoves with 4-4, Maksimović snapping with 10-10. A 4-flop however shatters his dreams of glory and neither the turn nor the river reverses the situation, leading Gianluca to over 12 million.

This is a tournament, however, where upsets are the order of the day and so Maksimović, left with just 3 blinds, finds himself down two hands later against Audino: Q-8o against A-2o, two Dames on the flop and the games are soon over. Maksimović comes back to 1.8M and is back in the running.

Not too long afterward it was Michelotto's turn to be dealt the rest preflop against Audino: K♠️ Q♠️ against A-Qo: two Spades on the flop gave Andrea plenty of hope and indeed, on the river, a fine 5♠️ brought him back to 5M.

Maksimović is the 4th runner-up

Blinds 150K/300K, ante 300K

Left with 950K he goes all-in from BTN finding a call from both Audino from SB and Michelotto from BB

Board: A♦️ Q♠️ J♣️ 7♠️ 5♥️

Michelotto shows Q-5 and takes the pot with his double, while Audino mucks K-4o.

For Maksimović, a €6,000 prize and third place for teams missed by a whisker.

Cammarata wins the trophy after a deal!

Blinds 150K/300K, ante 300K

It ends with a deal for ICM this ReMida Poker Team and Gianluca Cammarata can celebrate for having won, in addition to the biggest slice, the trophy and the honours reserved for the winner.

Big celebrations also for Andrea Michelotto's team (photo below), third in the count at the time of the deal, for having won first place in the team standings with his 'Medicina et lex' team.

Finally, here is a snapshot of the winner together with his teammates who supported him throughout the tournament!


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