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🤴 Team Adriatico wins ReMida, 🇭🇷 Cimera gets the best, trophy to 🇮🇹 'Scerminator after ICM deal

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Entries 840

A marathon rather than a battle, the one that ended at first light here at the Perla Resort poker room, where the last five survivors opted for a deal.

At the end of the game Team Adriatico, captained by Dean Cimera and composed of Slaven Gavric, Leonardo Matkovic, Adrian Lovin Sorin, and Sejdefa Hodzič took home the €20,000 first prize.

Second place (and €10,000 prize) for the Betting Team of Luigi Barnabò, together with Alessandro da Ponte, Carlo Sant, Alessandro Scermino, and Alessandro Campedelli.

In third place was the PP Team with Michele Di Palma (captain), Paolo Palmisano, Nicola Siena, Agostino Di Brisco, and Francesco Silvestri.

Trophy, crown, and scepter, on the other hand, went to Alessandro Scermino who had more chips than anyone at the time of the ICM deal: for him €30,000 in the safe (compared to €36,500 in the original payout).

"It's a victory that came after a period of 'defaiance', let's say since the last tournament I won was a year and a half ago, in Sanremo.

This time everything went well right from Day 1, where I managed to qualify on the first shot while remaining deep, which allowed me to express my game at its best.

I got lucky on a few occasions (Q-Q vs. A-A with a face-up Q at the final table, ed.) but now and then it happens. Next stop? In Sharkbay we'll be there, in Liechtenstein I've never been but I might pop in!"

The tournament

After 6 hours of play, of the 67 players in the running on the Final Day only 10 remained to compete for the trophy, scepter, and a €36,500 first prize.

Here is the list of the magic 10 at the start of the final table with seats and stacks in play:

Seat 1 - NIKI PRELA 985,000

Seat 2 - ALESSANDRO SCERMINO 9,610,000

Seat 3 - BEGOVIČ AMAR 9,300,000

Seat 4 - NICOLA SIENA 1,645,000

Seat 5 - LORENZO ACAMPORA 4,770,000

Seat 6 - PAOLO PALMISANO 3,110,000

Seat 7 - LUCIAN-CORNEL NEGREA 1,480,000

Seat 8 - ADRIAN LOVIN SORIN 7,695,000

Seat 9 - SEJDEFA HODZIČ 3,205,000

Seat 10 - VALERIO MARINO 9,300,000

And here's the payout:

  1. 36.500€

  2. 24.000€

  3. 18.000€

  4. 13.100€

  5. 9.000€

  6. 7.000€

  7. 5.500€

  8. 4.200€

  9. 3.300€

  10. 2.700€

And now let's look back at the action, reviewing the final table elimination by elimination, up to the deal.

Lucian-Cornel Negrea ends up in 10th place

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

Ready, set, and we already have the first elimination. Adrian Lovin Sorin calls the open-shove of the player to his right from MP1, Lucian-Cornel Negrea, for 1,450.000 chips, the others fold.

At the showdown, Negrea comes up with Q♥️ Q♣️ while Lovin Sorin turns over 10♦️ 10♥️. The flop J♠️ 8♦️ 2♥️ seems to give a comfortable double up to the short stack but a 10♣️ on the turn completely reverses the situation and a K♠️ river closes the game.

Lucian-Cornel Negrea ends his adventure in 10th position for €2,700 while Adrian flies to around €7 million.

Siena and Prela double up

On the following hand, Adrian finds himself raise-calling Siena's shove from the BB for about 1.5M. The board? Q-9-6-3-A and another 80/20 burst.

Two hands later it's Niki Prela's turn to go all-in with A-5o from UTG, everyone folds until Valerio Marino calls with A-A. This time, too, the underdog manages to get the better of things: Niki hits a straight already on the flop as the board reads 2-4-3-10-J and goes up to just over two million chips.

Lovin Sorin doubles up on Marino

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

Scermino opens from UTG, Lovin Sorin flops from CO with 10♥️ 10, Valerio squeezes to 1.1M, OR crowd and Adrian calls.

It goes check-to-check until the river on board 9♠️ 7♥️ K♣️ 9♥️ 7♦️e on a pot of about 2.5M, Valerio goes all-in for Adrian's actual 2.8M who calls almost instantly.

Valerio turns over A♥️ Q♥️ and Adrian doubles up raising to 8M.

Lorenzo Acampora is the 9th place finisher

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K

Acampora opens from UTG with Aces, Scermino from BTN pins two Dames and opts for a 3-bet, Acampora 4-bet shoves and Scermino calls for a pot of over 10M chips.

The board reads Q♦️J♥️ K♣️ 6♦️J♣️ and for the fourth time out of four on this final table, the underdog manages to win the pot!

Lorenzo Acampora closes in 9th place for €3,300.

Break - Update chip count and team ranking

The stack situation at the end of the 31st level, the action will resume with blinds 100/200K, ante 200K.

  1. Alessandro Scermino 14.2M

  2. Begovič Amar 11.3

  3. Nicola Siena 2.3M

  4. Paolo Palmisano 2M

  5. Adrian Lovin Sorin 7M

  6. Sejdefa Hodzič 3M

  7. Valerio Marino 6M

  8. Niki Perla 2.3M

There are still 5 Teams in play, here is the provisional situation with 8 players left

Adriatico 115 points

Betting team 80 points

PPT team 80 points

Jokerstars 70 points

#Tuttoacaso 60 points

Paolo Palmisano chiude all'ottavo posto

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

When play resumes, Paolo Palmisano is forced to put all the chips in the middle of the table with A-9o, after Sejdefa Hodzič shoves with 10-10.

The board presented no surprises and, indeed, even gave a flush to the Slovenian player over 4 million, while Palmisano had to settle for a €4,200 prize.

"It was a table where I couldn't make much action being always short stack and in the end, I called with 5 blinds after seeing only the Ace." - Palmisano told us.

Scermino massive chip leader

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

Alessandro Scermino crossed the 20 million mark, which after the blind change is worth more than 100BB.

His last spot goes as follows: Valerio Marino opens from HJ and Scermino flats from CO. Check bet 400K and calls on J♣️ 10♥️ 3♠️, on the turn he cashes a 8♠️ and the action repeats, although this time Scermino bets 900K.

The river is a 10♠️, new check to Marino, Scermino bets 1,250,000, and OR call-mucks at the sight of J-T. For Marino this is a bad blow that halves his stack, leaving him with just 15BB.

On the previous hand, however, Nicola Siena hits a very important double-up against Adrian Lovin Sorin.

Open from BTN for Siena with about 14x, Adrian goes all-in with A-Jo from SB, folds BB, and Siena snap-calls with Q-Q. The board J high is not enough for Lovin Sorin to bust his opponent's Queens, who gets back in the game.

Valerio Marino finished in 7th place

Blinds 125K/250K, ante 250K

Immediately after the break agreed upon between the players at the blind level change, Valerio Marino gives up his dreams of glory.

Although the elimination comes during the next hand, the spot that leaves Marino with pocket change is the following: Valerio opens from UTG with K♠️ 10♦️e Adrian defends his BB. Check to check on 10♠️ 5♣️ J♠️, while on 3♥️ turn Adrian check-raises to 1.7M the bet to 500K by Valerio who goes all-in.

Lovin Sorin has a fairly easy call with 3♠️ 3♣️ and the river 6♥️ does not change the situation.

Left with little more than a blind from the BB he finds himself calling with 4-10o the opening of Alessandro Scermino with A-Qo.

The board reads 10-5-J-K-2, Alessandro closes straight and Valerio Marino leaves the ranks in 7th position taking home €5,500.

Niki Prela out 6th place

Blinds 125K/250K, ante 250K

Prela opens from the CO with K♠️ 2♠️, Scermino flats with A♠️ 7♦️ from the BTN and the blinds pass.

The flop comes 6♥️ Q♣️ A♣️ and both opt for a check. On the turn a K♦️ falls, Niki bets 500K with about 2.5M behind and Alessandro calls almost instantly.

The river is a 3♥️, Prela goes all-in, and Scermino, after thinking about it for a few seconds, makes the call again and wins another pot, eliminating Niki Prela in 6th position for €7,000.

5-way deal, trophy to "Scerminator"

With the team rankings already outlined, the 5 survivors decided to take a look at the numbers based on the ICM, only to adjust them further to spread the prizes more evenly.

Here is the final payout after the deal:

Alessandro Scermino €30,000

Amar Begovič €24,000

Adrian Lovin Sorin €17,500

Nicola Siena €15,000

Sejdefa Hodzič €14,100

Top 10 Team ranking

  1. Adriatico 135


  3. PP Team 80

  4. Jokerstars 70


  6. bei player 55

  7. Querce 55

  8. Team Busto 55

  9. Goldenboys 45




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