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🤴It's Davide Clodomiro's show at Day1D

Entries 48/Left 12

We had already guessed last night that he was running hot. It happened during the final act of the 25K GTD Middle Week where he finished in third place after leading the count from 18 left until the 3-handed phase.

We are, of course, talking about today's chip leader Davide Clodomiro, who was able to put everyone in line at ReMida Poker Team Day1D, thanks to a huge performance that even brought him to the top of the overall count of the 4 Day1 played so far.

The tournament

Before reading the Chipleader's interview, let's take a look at the numbers: 48 total entrants (including 16 re-entries) and 12 qualified for next Sunday's Day 2B.

And now space for Davide Clodomiro's enthusiasm: "How did it go? As you can see from the stack pretty well! I had a lot of coolers in my favor both preflop and post-flop and luck was on my side....

On the most important hand, I was at showdown preflop with A-A against K-K and A-K, from then on it was just a matter of administering a stack that would allow me to play the best on Day 2. What do I hope for? May the run hold throughout the rest of the tournament!"

The Top 5

Besides the excellent Davide Clodomiro, at 348,000 chips (which at the start of Day2 will equate to over 100BB since we start at T3,000) we find Alija Beširević, closely followed by Ugo Paolo Coselli (299,000).

Closing out the Top 5 are Francesco Silvestri (234,000) and Roberto Attorni (221,000). Scrolling further down the leaderboard we find good Cataldo Valletta(6th at 210,000), Luca Stevanato (9th at 142,000), and last June's "former champion" David Testen (12th at 85,000). The full Day1D count follows, complete with seat redraw for Sunday's Day2B.

Unofficial Chipcount & Seat Redraw


  1. CLODOMIRO DAVIDE 877000 29 6

  2. BEŠIREVIĆ ALIJA 348000 29 1

  3. COSELLI PAOLO UGO 299000 25 6

  4. SILVESTRI FRANCESCO 234000 29 4

  5. ATTORNI ROBERTO 221000 25 3

  6. VALLETTA CATALDO 210000 29 5

  7. FOLLADOR ALBERTO 143000 25 10

  8. FORTUNATO MATTEO 143000 25 4

  9. STEVANATO LUCA 142000 29 9

  10. OUERTANI WISSAM 105000 29 2

  11. SOMMA IVAN 98000 25 5

  12. TESTEN DAVID 85000 25 2



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