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🤴Mario Giulianelli is the best on Day1D

Entries 11/ Left 6

It was, in all probability, the Day1 with the lowest turnout in recent months, but this did not mean that it was a less exciting flight than the others.

On the contrary, to be honest, the fact of playing something very similar to a Sit&Go created dynamics at the table that we are not normally used to. The reason is very simple: to hit Day2, and thus bring valuable points to one's team, was more a matter of waiting.

Or at least that's how the 9 players lined up before the arrival of Dario Quattrucci and Valter Proia, both from the EvBets team and both registered at the last available level, when only 4 players were left to play for the qualification chances.

The two, who had tried several times in the previous days to qualify, managed to do so in the most incredible way possible, playing just a couple of levels and settling for a small stack, even if it was excellent in view of Day2.

The Top 5

A Top 5 with 6 qualifiers makes one smile, but that's about it: Mario Giulianelli (photo above) took the head of the count and bagged 180,000 chips, three times the initial stack, while Valter Proia, who in the very first hands of play immediately hit a double-up by winning a coin-flip on the river with A-Q vs 9-9, was immediately behind at 142,000.

Natale Ramera at 118,000 occupies the third step of the podium, while Daniele Palma and Lodovico Dino Mondini, with 93,000 and 79,000 respectively, complete the Top 5. Sixth and last place for Dario Quattrucci at 68,000: the minimum result with the minimum effort. Here is the complete list of qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount


2. PROIA VALTER 142.000

3. RAMERA NATALE 118.000





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