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Marinko Papać takes down 🤴ReMida Poker Team!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Entries 618

It ended in victory for Marinko Papać at the end of a very long battle that lasted for around five hours before reaching the final table and continued for another five until the three-way deal between Marinko Papać, Mario Galić and Attila Janosi.

The real epilogue came after Davide Ceglia's elimination in 4th place: Attila Janosi, Marinko Papać and Mario Galić opted for an even-money deal, securing €19,000 each and leaving €3,000, plus trophy, in the pot for the winner.

In the end, it was Papać who took the trophy against Galić, after the two preferred to split first and second place further and leave the victory to a straight flush, but more on that later. Now let's review together what happened today, starting from the beginning of the final day.

The Final Day

It seemed to come down to this final table in the blink of an eye given how quickly the 24 survivors of this final day eliminated themselves in the first levels of play. After just two hours it was already 11 left, with an average stack of almost 50 blinds (3.7M to T80K) and from then on the action began to stagnate because no one was going to give an inch.

One of the most sensational eliminations was that of Federico Lenzi, who started from fourth in the count and plunged into the abyss at 2 tables left, after a flip (AK<QQ) that could have taken him to heaven. The champion of the previous edition, David Testen, also says goodbye to everyone: he too does not go beyond the penultimate table.

The bubble-man of the final table is Antonio Rutigliano (photo below), who must therefore be content with a €2,000 prize as well as that reserved for the ninth classified.

On the other hand, Veronica Signorini's comeback was impressive as she came to the final table with a stack just below average after being left with only one blind at the ITM bubble phase. The trio composed of Maurizio Migliorini, Attila Janosi and Enrico Trainotti, all with stacks of around 6 million chips at blinds 50/100K (60/120K when play resumed), started at the head of the final table.

Il payout finale

  1. 30.000€

  2. 17.000€

  3. 13.000€

  4. 9.000€

  5. 7.000€

  6. 5.350€

  7. 4.000€

  8. 2.800€

  9. 2.000€

This is followed by:

10. - 2.000€

11/13 - 1.600€

14/17 - 1.400€

18/22 - 1.250€

23/28 - 1.100€

29/36 - 950€

37-49 - 800€

Starting stacks

Here is the situation at the beginning of the final table, when the level of the blinds is 60K/120K, ante 120K.

P1 - 3.5M Veronica Signorini

P2 - 6.4M Enrico Trainotti

P3 - 2.9M Marinko Papac

P4 - 1.7M Mubarak Durmiśi

P5 - 5.7M Attila Janosi

P6 - 4.5M Mario Galić

P7 - 1.4M Konstantin Speer

P8 - 4.1M Davide Ceglia

P9 - 6.2M Maurizio Migliorini

And now let's follow, elimination by elimination, how things are going at the final table! 🎬

Konstantin Speer is the 9th-place finisher

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

Mubarak Durmiśi opens with just under 20x at blinds 60/120K, Konstantin Speer calls from BTN with just one more blind than his opponent.

On the flop it's check/check on 2♠️ 2♥️ 8♦️, while on the turn all hell breaks loose:

Durmiśi bets 200K, Speer raises to 700K with about a million behind, Durmiśi almost immediately goes all-in and Speer enters the tank.

Only in the last three seconds, after someone at the table had called time, does Speer decide to call: K ♣️ Q♠️ for him against Durmiśi's A♦️10♠️.

A J♣️ gives him the pot and Speer is left with only one big blind. He would find elimination a few hands later in all-in with 8-8 against Durmiśi's own K-6 who cashed another small pot on board 5-4-K-2-Q.

Break and level-up

After a ten-minute break, the 8 finalists go back to their seats. Here is the stack situation when play resumed (Blinds 70K/140K, ante 140K).


1. 8,210,000 Enrico Trainotti (58BB)

2. 7,755,000 Attila Janosi (55BB)

3. 5,345,000 Mario Galić (38BB)

4. 4,525,000 Mubarak Durmiśi (45BB)

5. 4,150,000 Davide Ceglia (30BB)

6. 2,800,000 Marinko Papac (20BB)

7. 2,365,000 Maurizio Migliorini (17BB)

8. 1,855,000 Veronica Signorini (13BB)

Maurizio Migliorini finished in eighth place

Blinds 70K/140K, ante 140K

Trainotti opens from UTG, chip leader at the table, everyone passes up to Migliorini who, SB decides to go all-in with K♠️ 7♣️ for about 15BB, finding Trainotti's snap-call with A♥️ K♥️.

The board reads 4♥️ 9♥️ 2♣️ 6♣️ 3♣️ and Maurizio has to settle for €2,800 in eighth place. Trainotti once above 10 million chips.

A few hands earlier, however, Veronica Signorini managed to double up on Mario Galić. The action in a nutshell:

Signorini goes all-in from UTG with 9♥️9♣️per 13 x from BTN and finds Mario Galić with A♥️Q♥️ who re-shoves (stack 4.7M). The board K ♠️7♠️ 4♦️7♥️ 4♥️ makes Veronica double up and she beats Galić in the stack.

The situation at the moment

1. >10 M Enrico Trainotti (58BB)

2. 8M Attila Janosi (55BB)

3. 3.5M Mario Galić (38BB)

4. 4.5M Mubarak Durmiśi (45BB)

5. 3.5M Davide Ceglia (30BB)

6. 3M Marinko Papac (20BB)

7. 4M Veronica Signorini (13BB)

Mubarak Durmiśi finished in 7th place

Blinds 70K/140K, ante 140K

Trainotti opens with 9♦️9♥️, Durmiśi only floats with A♠️ A♣️ from BTN, the blinds fold.

Everything happens on the flop, 5♦️ 9♣️ 4♣️. Trainotti c-bets, Durmiśi raises, Trainotti 3-bets and Durmiśi 4-bet shoves finding Trainotti's snap-call. 3♦️ turn and 9♠️ river, give the chip leader even a nice Quads, Durmiśi cashes for €4.000 and closes in seventh place.

Enrico Traniotti dominates the table with around 14 million chips, practically 40% of the total chips in play.

Galić with ace-high on Trainoitti, it's a double-up

Open by Mario Galić with A♣️ Q♥️ (2.8M stack) Trainoitti flops from BTN with Q♠️J♥️, the blinds fold.

Check to check on 3♥️ K♥️ K♦️, while on the turn, a 9♠️, Trainotti bets 550K on a 900K pot, Galić calls.

The river is a 7♠️, Trainotti puts Galić to the rest, who has to decide whether or not to call with A High for a pot-size bet and his tournament life. After more than two minutes of tank calling he is congratulated by Trainotti who shows Q High.

Mario Galić is back to 5.6M, Trainotti remains firmly in the lead of the count.

Veronica Signorini closed in 6th place

Blinds 80K/640K, ante 160K

Veronica Signorini decides to reshovare with K♦️ Q♦️da BB (starting stack 2.6 M) on Attila Janosi's opening from CO with A♣️ K♣️ who snaps-kicks.

On the board falls 7♦️ J♦️ 4♣️ J♠️ 7♥️ and Veronica Signorini is the sixth place finisher for €5,350.

In the next hand, Marinko Papać doubled up on Mario Galić: open with less than 20x for Papać with A♥️ 9♥️ and Galić's dended from BB with Q♠️ 9♠️. The flop reads 9♦️ 5 ♥️ 5♥️, Galić bids, Papać shoves and calls.

The turn, a 3♣️ and the river, a 6♠️ make Papać double up.

Papać leads!

Papać doubles up again, this time over Attila Janosi, incredibly taking the lead to 13 million.

Open from the CO for Papać with 10♦️ 10♣️, Janosi 3-bets to 1.5M with K♥️ J♥️, Papać flops.

The flop is a disaster for Attila, 10♥️ K♦️ 8♦️, on which you end up at the rest on bet, raise, shove and call.

Turn Q♥️ which opens a flush possibility, river 2♠️ which sends Papać into orbit.

Janosi makes up on Trainotti

A 14 million-plus pot that sends Attila Janosi sky-high, played in dynamic 5-handed with Janosi opening K♥️Q♠️ from the CO and finding Trainotti's defense with K♣️ 3♣️ .

On the flop K♠️ 3♥️ 5♣️ check bet, raise, and call by Attila. The turn is a Q♥️, Trainotti leads out 1.3K, Janosi goes all-in for 4.4 total, and Trainotti calls. River 9♦️e Tranoitti is left with just 10 blinds.

Ceglia over Trainotti

Enrico Trainotti slowly managed to work his way back up the ladder but had to succumb again, this time in a coin flip against Davide Ceglia.

Di Trainotti's open from HJ, Papać's flat from CO, all-in from BB Di Davide Ceglia for 3,750,000 Trainotti's re-shove and flatter's fold.

9♣️ 9♠️ for Ceglia, A♦️ J♦️ for Trainotti on the board 4♦️ 5♠️ 2♠️ 5♦️9 ♥️

Trainotti stays with just 7x, but in the next hand he doubles up on Papać in a blind war: all-in for 1.3M with 5♦️ 3♦️e Papać call with A♥️ 9♥️. Smooth board and river 5♣️ give the double to Trainotti who comes back to 3M (about 15 BB)

P1 Trainotti 3M.

P2 Papać 9M

P3 Janosi 11M

P4 Galić 4.5M

P5 Ceglia 8M

Trainotti doubles up on Janosi

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

Janosi opens from HJ with A-Ko, Trainotti shoves Pair of Eights from BTN for 3,740,000 total, Janosi snaps.

Board: 4♠️ 7♣️ 6 ♦️ J♣️ 9♦️ and Trainotti comes back to average over 35 BB.

New Level 125/250K

Blinds 125/250K, ante 250K

The players have returned from a short break, here is the current situation:

P1 Trainotti 8M

P2 Papać 9M

P3 Janosi 7M

P4 Galić 5.2

P5 Ceglia 7M

Enrico Trainotti is the 5th classified

Blinds 125/250K, ante 250K

Blind-war against Papać, Trainotti opts to limp and Papać from BB just checks.

On 4♠️2♦️ 3♠️, check, bet, call for Trainotti on Papać's 500K bet.

On the turn, a 10 ♣️, new check for Trainotti, Papać's bet 1M and Enrico's shove for 4.1M total, snap-call for Papać who turns 2♠️ 4♦️ against Trainotti's K♣️ 10♠️.

River J♣️ and Enrico Trainotti ends-up in 5th place for 7,000, Papać reraises to 14M.

Davide Ceglia out in 4th posto

Blinds 125/250K, ante 250K

Open by Janosi, shove from BTN by Davide Ceglia for about 5M with A♣️ J♥️, snap-call for Janosi with 10♥️ 10♦️ and the cards are turned over.

BOARD: K♥️ K♦️Q♠️ K♣️ 8 ♣️

Janosi exceeds 10M and it is now a three-way fight against Papać and Galić. The stack situation:

1. Marinko Papać 14M

2. Mario Galić 12M

3. Attila Janosi 11 M


Attila Janosi out in 3rd place after a monteray deal

Blinds 125/250K, ante 250K

The three survivors decide to secure 19,000 each and play for the remaining €3,000.

In dynamic blind Vs blind, Attila Janosi calls from the BB with A-5o the opening from the SB of Papać with 6-6.

The flop reads 7♠️3♠️ J♣️, Papać check bet Janosi and Papać call. On the turn a 2♣️ falls, check-raise Papać to 4M on Janosi's 1.5K bet who calls. River 5 ♦️, Papać bets 4.5M and Janosi hero-flops with 5 but has to throw his cards in the muck.

Attila Janosi is left with the change and plays his shot in the next hand against Galić: A♠️Q♣️ for him and J♦️ 3♠️ , board 9♠️4♦️2♠️ J♥️ 9♦️e Janosi is the third place finisher for €13,000.

His third place guarantees Team "The Club No Deal" from Bologna victory in the team classification, which awards €20,000 in prize money.

Galić and Papać play for €3,000 reserved for the winner plus the trophy.

Marinko Papać wins ReMida Poker Team, Mario Galić runner-up

Blinds 125/250K, ante 250K

As mentioned at the beginning, after Attila Janosi's elimination, the two survivors played for a good half an hour before deciding to break off the game and play for the trophy in a close game: 3♣️ 4♣️ versus K♣️ 5♦️.

The board? K♠️ 9♣️ 6♠️ 5♣️ 7♦️

With a resounding runner-runner straight flush, Papać took home the scepter and trophy. For all 3 €19,000 each, for the first two €1,500 more after the additional deal.

The Club No Deal wins the Team ranking

First "No Deal" as the name suggests: the duo formed by Attila Janosi and Federico Lenzi, the last survivors of the Team that took all 5 players to Day2 and 3/5 ITM.

Marco 'Mello' Meloni's 'The Club' in Bologna confirms itself as an excellent breeding ground for Italian poker, and the two you see in the photo below are certainly not the first to make their mark in multi-table tournaments

A victory already savored yesterday, with the duo starting in third and fourth place in the count. Second place for 'Durr' with 80 points while the Apulian rivals from 'Push Team' had to be content with third place.

A seguire ecco la classifica completa dei Team:

The Club Bologna 105

Durr 80

Push Team 70

Bubble boys 70

Hold’em Firenze Under 25 60

C4C Pescara Colli 55

Jokerstars 55

I 5 mori 50

Perla Lovers 50

Sportbull Skill 40

Top 1% Academy 40

Olympic friends 35

Team IOM 35

I sardi di fine stagione 35

Kappones 35

mad club 35

Goldeboys 35


Slo-Ita 30




Gruppo Maèstro 25

La ciurma 20


Slo Team 2 15

SportBull Donk Club 15

Euro Thunders 10

Joker Club 10


Team Borgo 10

Need For Spew 10

Giada Club 10

Sportbull Marvel 10

pierpo86 dream team 5

Juve for ever 0


Joker club Villavicentina 0


Sportbull Royal 0

The Club Sezione Romagna 0


Piumati poker team 0


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