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🎙Road to 🐺 Wolf HR: Yalcin Dündar, "GC Poker Room ready to host Top European Events"

The 🇱🇮 GCL CEO reveals his plans for the future

It is impossible to talk about Poker in Liechtenstein without mentioning Yalcin Dündar: 🇩🇪 German by birth, the one who was a dealer on the well-known 🇪🇺 European poker circuits, found the perfect environment in the small principality to develop his career.

📅 Today 40 years old Yalcin, arrived in the country just in 2019 and in a very few years he held all the positions from Dealer to Floorman, Pitboss, Dutymanager, Gaming Manager up to becoming 💼 CEO in the renowned Gran Casino Liechtenstein.

In this charge he is responsible for all the departments of the 🏢 gambling house and the organization of national and international events, not limited exclusively to poker.

📚 His philosophy is that of "quality and class rather than quantity and mass".

To bring quality to Poker, Yalcin relies on a very close collaboration: - " I am very happy to have a cooperation with 📶 PKLIVE360 and ♣️ Euro Rounders. They are very professional and it's funny to work with. We 🔄 exchange ideas and experiences to bring new events in 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein".

⤵️ It continues

📍 The location is in fact ready to host major 🇪🇺 European events: at the moment an entire floor of the casino is dedicated to poker with 53 tables, 17 of which for cash games with lower stakes up to Chf100/200; not only Hold'Em but also Omaha and Stud.

The CEO, with these huge chances, excellent partnerships and an unbeatable immagination, reveals us that 2023 is by no means over: tomorrow The 🐺 Wolf High Roller will start with a guaranteed first prize of Chf50,000 and in September the spotlight will be on the Liechtenstein debut of the ♠️ WPT Prime with a guaranteed prize pool of Chf1,000,000. For 2024 there is the intention and desire to fill the 🗓 calendar with many other internationally renowned tournaments. 5️⃣ 5Bet will arrive in the alpine location for next year. 🎁 "... But let us surprise you" are Mr. Dündar's words.


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