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🇮🇹 Luca Quarto takes down The Wolf SHR!

Entries 120

In the end, Luca Quarto won, after a deal with the German "TimoPaul" for ICM made before the final heads-up. The two contenders decided to split the prize money equally, or almost equally, and play for a ticket to the WSOPE Main Event worth €10,000.

It took over an hour to settle the case for the Italian, who was visibly thrilled with his victory in a tournament that recorded 120 entries, exceeding the €100,000 guaranteed:

"I am very tired and at the same time overjoyed. I want to dedicate this victory to my father, who is no longer here, and to my little girl.

The tournament? Everything went very well right from the start: I closed Day1 with about 120,000 chips and in Day2 I got off to a great start, thanks to a double-up with a flush to the Ace that launched me into the count.

The feeling was always good, even if it was tough because at these levels the players are prepared. My heads-up opponent? He was a bit strange, raising, calling all hands, folding, etc. It wasn't easy to beat him, but I knew I had something more."

The runner-up "TimoPaul"

The tournament

The ITM zone rewarded the best 13 players and the pre-bubble phase lasted several hours, because after all no one wanted to be left holding the bag, also considering the ME WSOPE ticket up for grabs for the winner.

The main suspect to play the role of bubble-man was Marcello Miniucchi, who was left with less than 10 BBs right in the curtain-raiser phase. The turning point came in the blind war, where SB (equal stack) went all-in with 9♦️6♦️ finding Marcello's call with Pair of Eights.

The flop 8-K-K was already a sentence, condemning his opponent to elimination, while at the next table another player found himself succumbing with K-Q against A-K, effectively closing any talk of the prize zone.

From then on, the eliminations followed one another rapidly and within a few minutes the list of nine finalists was complete, with Italy's Christian Bertu leading the pack.

After the elimination of Symeon Alexandridis, the 8-handed action lasted almost an hour until the second string of eliminations which saw, in succession, the exits of 'Pitak' (8th), Valentin Havasy (7th), M. Fisher (6th) and Marcello Miniucchi (5th).

Another study phase and after another half an hour, both Christian Bertu (4th) and Petr Bohuslav (3rd) left the table, putting the two finalists in a position to reach an economic agreement and play only (or almost only) for the ME WSOPE ticket.

Despite the considerable advantage, Luca Quarto seems to be losing ground to "TimoPaul", so much so that after an hour of play the stacks are practically identical. The turning hand came suddenly, with Luca going all-in with A-K on his opponent's opening, who decided to call with K-Q. The board didn't help him and Luca could celebrate his victory.


  1. Luca Quarto 21.607€ (after deal) + ME WSOPE Ticket

  2. TimoPaul 20.000€ (after deal)

  3. Petr Bohuslav 11.255€

  4. Christian Bertu 8.810€

  5. Marcello Miniucchi 7,103€

  6. M. Fisher 5.535€

  7. Valentin Havasy. 4.382€

  8. Pitak. 3.414€

  9. Symeon Alexandridis 2.583€


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