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🇹🇼 Thivakaran Sundaralingam leads Day1 A

Entries 41/left 12

As a gem, embedded between Switzerland and Austria, Vaduz shines in the heart of Europe with its green valleys and breathtaking landscapes.

A really peculiar location for a poker tournament that will hardly disregard your expectations.

In this beautiful context (you can have a taste of it in the picture below, which is just the view you might wake up with from the hotel room) the Grand Casino Liechtenstein hosts "The Wolf" High Roller, a 900+100 CHF buy-in event which attracts players from all over Europe.

The great scenario, the flawless organization, and the high buy-in will be a good incentive to gather some of the best players in the European poker scene, especially from nearby countries such as Germany and Austria.

We've already bumped into, for instance, IPO runner-up 🇦🇹Andreas Frohli, from Austria, who's going to try his best here at The Wolf and, possibly, lift up that trophy that slipped away from his hands last week (CLICK HERE to check his outstanding performance at IPO Sanremo 2023).

The Wolf High Roller

Day1 A of the 900+100 CHF The Wolf High Roller has seen a total of 41 entries (21 single buy-in plus 12 re-entry) that fought for over 8 hours in the main poker room, to guarantee themselves a seat for Day2.

Only 12 players succeeded and 🇹🇼 Taiwan's Thivakaran Sundaralingam scored the best performance among all survivors, bagging 810.000 chips, over ten times more than the starting stack (80K chips).

The top 5

🇨🇭 Mattia Melideo (578.000) and 🇨🇭Mario Chiang (515.600) completed the podium, followed by 🇵🇪 Flavio Arrieta (281.000) and another Swiss Player, 🇨🇭Joachim Golomb (197.000).

Here is the complete ranking, listing all 12 qualifiers:

1. Thivakaran Sundaralingam 810.000 2. Mattia Melideo 578.500 3. Mario Chiang 515.600 4. Flavio Arrieta 281.000 5. Joachim Golomb 197.600 6. Manfred Müller 156.000 7. Michael Guardia 141.200 8. Placido Pastanella 136.500 9. Domink Hefti 125.100 10. Tony G 122.300 11. Nonno1 118.200 12. Fabian Hiltebrand 94.400

*Please note that the chip count is not official, as it is reported from verbal statements of the players.

The Red Wolf

The smaller, but not less appealing, poker event "The Red Wolf", has seen 19 players at the starting grid, though only 16 of them booked a seat for Day 2. With 26 re-entries the entries count has reached 71 units.

Below you can find the unofficial chip count with all 16 qualifiers (remember that the starting stack in this event was 50.000 chips).

1. Sirenes 638.200

2. Reys 406.000

3. Mehmeti Shenasi 327.500

4. Ospite 280.900

5. Leroy 269.400

6. Manfred Mueller 257.000

7. Floori 208.700

8. Turi 205.500

9. Chris Hetti 149.400

10. Der Bingser 137.500

11. Jonathan Speckle 129.700

12. Partizan 123.500

13. Selcuk özgöc 120.000

14. Brigitte Hauenstein 100.200

15. Thomas Hofmann 96.900

16. Sissy Klausner AT 90.000

*Please note that the chip count is not official, as it is reported from verbal statements of the players.


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