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Oender Resber leads Day1 A

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Entries 141 / Left 23

Day 1 A of the Warriors of Liechtenstein Main Event closed with 23 survivors, which, thanks to the 320 CHF special price (instead of the 390 CHF provided for the other Days), could count on 141 entries (93 singles plus 48 re-buy).

Watching everyone from the other side was Germany's 🇩🇪 Oender Resber, originally from Stuttgart, who had the luxury of bagging nearly 120 big blinds for Day2 on Sunday, the only one along with the second in the count to cross the 100BB threshold at the end of the day:

"I got off to a very bad start," the day's star player told us, pic above, "and had to re-buy already in the first levels of play, then the wind changed. Step by step I built my stack and here I am!

Do I play habitually? Absolutely yes, I am not a pro but something very close, I play all available tournaments between Austria, Germany, and Liechtenstein, and next year I will also play WSOP."

The Top 5

It was a rather encouraging start last night: the prize pool has already reached 38K CHF, about one-fifth of the expected prize pool for this festival, with still 5 Day1s to play.

In addition to German Oender Resber, who closed at 585,000 chips, we find Kevin Roethlisberger above 100 BB at 506,000 chips.

Away by just a Big Blind "Give it," able to close at 498,000 chips. Closing out the Top 5 is "Pippi Langstrumpf" at 427,000 and Gergo Haal at 398,000.

The shortest of them all, however, who will come back to Day 2 with about a dozen blinds, is Switzerland's Hans Peter Meier with 62,000 chips.

And now let's take a full look at the list of 23 qualifiers through the opening flight on Tuesday, July 18.

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇩🇪OENDER RESBER DE 585.000


3. GIVI IT 498.000

4. Pippi Langstrumpf 427.000

5. 🇭🇺Gergo Haal HU 398.000

6. 🇭🇺ZOLTAN BENE HU 284.000

7. 🇨🇭CLAUDE GIETZ CH 276.000


9. 🇩🇪BA DUC TAM NGUYEN DE 234.000

10.🇨🇭SVEN WILDHABER CH 212.000

11.🇦🇹AlphaVille AT 206.000

12.🇺🇦Serhii Kolosov UA 205.000

13.🇩🇪Lam Tung Tran DE 205.000

14.🇭🇷Rod Tidwell HR 203.000

15.🇭🇺Krisztian Fejerdi HU 197.000

16.🇨🇭KAIRI CH 195.000

17.🇨🇭Filtro CH 192.000

18.🇭🇺BEATA BUROM HU 155.000

19.🇨🇭JAKOB LEITGEB CH 133.000

20.🇦🇹MURAT YILMAZ AT 122.000

21.🇩🇪Dendemaier DE 82.000




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