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Thomas Schmitter leading the way on Day1 B

Entries 97 / Left 19

The second act of the Warriors Of Liechtenstein Main Event ended with 97 entries, of which 57 were singles plus 40 re-entries, leading to Day 2 19 players in addition to the 23 coming from Day 1A.

The peculiarity of this Day 1 B was the introduction of the Bounty KO formula at the end of late registration: 27 received the equivalent of 370 CHF as a bounty thanks to the 10,000 CHF to be distributed among the survivors.

The format was well received by the players, many of whom did not hesitate to re-enter close to the end of the 10th level (the last one available to register), given the inherent monetary value of the stack.

Best of all was Switzerland's Thomas Schmitter (photo above), who at the end of Day bagged a 610,000-chip stack plus a bounty earned through the elimination of a player. In this way, he has already guaranteed himself a 740 CHF prize (his bounty plus the one earned).

"This is the first time I've closed as chip leader at a Day1 here in Liechtenstein, but not the first time in my career. The bounty format? I really enjoyed it, although no player forced their hand to win an extra bounty: after all, it was enough to get to the bottom to at least guarantee their own!"

The Top 5

While on Day 1 A there were four who crossed the 400,000 chip threshold, on this day only the chip leader managed the feat. Second, on the stack, Germany's Ramazan Özkaya closes at 348,000 chips.

Completing the podium is Italian player "Emilia" (this is his alias) at 1,000 chips away (347,000). Fourth and fifth place for Nam Mai (324,000) and Avni Shabani (292,000).

Of note is the presence of the first qualifier from Liechtenstein, today's 7th ranked Philipp Meier (211,000).

Below is the full list of 19 qualifiers for Day2 via Day1B.

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇨🇭 THOMAS SCHMITTER 610.000

2. 🇩🇪 RAMAZAN ÖZKAYA 348.000

3. 🇮🇹 EMILIA 347.000

4. 🏳️ NAM MAI 324.000

5. 🇨🇭 AVNI SHABANI 292.000

6. 🇳🇱 ZH 276.000

7. 🇱🇮 PHILIPP MEIER 211.000

8. 🇨🇭 FRANCESCO PIZZO 180.000

9. 🇨🇭 MINH LU 168.000

10.🇦🇹 NIKOLA GASEVIC 166.000


12.🇩🇪RENE ENDRES 139.000

13.🇭🇷 DALIBOR MIJIC 124.000

14.🇮🇹 ENRICO BUZZANCA 118.000

15.🏳️ JOSEF BIRCHLER 113.000

16.🇨🇭 PAPA SMURF 109.000

17.🇩🇪 JOHANN SCHAMNE 103.000


19.🇨🇭 THOMAS WIDER 53.000


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