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Timo Rauschenbach takes Day1 D

Entries 90 / Left 12

The first of the two flights scheduled for today at the GC Poker Room in the Warriors of Liechtenstein, Day1 D which began at 1:00 p.m. this morning, has just ended.

The 332 entries totaled in the previous Day 1 must therefore be added another 90, for a provisional total of 422 entries including re-buy.

As for the Day in question, 64 physical players took part in the event, to which 26 re-entries must be added.

At the beginning of day we had wondered if the performance of Italian Daniele Lunario, provisional chip leader in the overall count with 613,000 chips could be surpassed, and the affirmative answer came from German Timo Rauschenbach, who was able to accumulate an impressive 701,000 chips when the envelopes came at the tables.

"It was a good tournament, even if it didn't go smoothly at the beginning. After the first few levels I practically had my stack halved, then slowly I managed to hit some major doubles until I had about 30 percent more than the current average.

From then on it was much easier because I was able to put the right pressure on my opponents, especially in some spots where my bluffs were hitting. Most importantly, I didn't make any big mistakes, which is the most important thing.

I am not a professional, a very good job as a project manager for a facade construction company and I play live exclusively on weekends, although my passion is PLO cash-game. Tomorrow? It's going to be fun!"

The Top 5

If Timo Rauschenbach succeeded in towering over everyone, the second in chips, Axel Howe, who will bring in an impressive 557,000 chips on Day 2 scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, certainly cannot complain.

Third place for the Swiss Anton Heinrich, with 518,000 chips, while in fourth and fifth place are two other Swiss, Merlin at 370,000 and Peter Wetli at 343,000.

The only Italian to appear among the 12 qualifiers is Salvatore D' Agate, 5th at 298,000 chips.

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇩🇪Timo Rauschenbach 701.000

2. 🏳️Axel Howe 557.000

3. 🇨🇭Anton Heinrich 518.000

4. 🇨🇭Merlin 370.000

5. 🇨🇭Peter Wetli 343.000

5. 🇮🇹Salvatore D' Agate 298.000

7. 🇨🇭Marcel Bachmann 253.000

8. 🇩🇪Kruschack Wolfgang 185.000

9. 🇬🇷 Itsamyth 141.000

10. 🇨🇭Robert Joset 94.000

11. 🇨🇭Andreas Hoegger 86.000

12. 🇩🇪Patrick Thoma 56.000


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