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Sven Löeffel dominates Day1 E

Entries 90 / Left 17

Ninety each and a total of 180 in the two flights on Saturday 22 July here at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein for the Warriors Main Event, which currently has 512 entries.

There were 17 qualifiers in this Day1 E, which added to the 67 of the previous days bringing the total to 84, while waiting of course for the last available flight, Day1 F, scheduled for Sunday from 13:00.

There was no change in the general count after the extraordinary performance of German Timo Rauschenbach, chip leader in the general count with 701,000 chips, even if the 650,000 accumulated by Sven Löeffel, the day's chip leader, is really a good look ahead to Day2.

A stack that allows the Swiss to leapfrog into second place in the overall count: "Am I really second in the count? - replied a surprised Sven at the end of the day - Great! I played a very solid game without taking any big risks and waiting for the right hands. I play online regularly even though it's not my main job.

Yes, it's the first time I've closed in the lead on Day 1. Feelings for tomorrow? Great, and now that I know I'm second even more so!"

La Top 5

Sven Löeffel's performance on Day1 E is also highlighted by the distance that runs between him and the second in chips, Stefan Schwarz, who was able to bag 388,000 chips at the end of the 13th level of play, the last one available.

Third place, as well as fourth and fifth, are German domains: "Spock" closes with 297,000, followed by Thomas Hardt (290,000) and Ali Ibrahim Koussan (278,000).

Also on the leaderboard is the winner of The Wolf High Roller here in Liechtenstein, Emil Abadgiev, 11th at 147,000, as well as the ever-present Claudio Di Giacomo, 15th at 90,000.

Below is the complete ranking of the 17 finishers from Day 1 E.

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇨🇭SVEN LOEFFEL 650.000 2. 🏳️STEFAN SCHWARZ 388.000 3. 🇩🇪SPOCK 297.000 4. 🇩🇪THOMAS HARDT 290.000 5. 🇩🇪ALI IBRAHIM KOUSSAN 278.000 6. 🇨🇭ARAD SHAQIRI 241.000 7. 🏳️NABIL EL HAGE 216.000 8. 🇩🇪REYS 208.000 9. 🇨🇭ANDREAS THOENI 156.000 10. 🇩🇪RISTO 151.000 11. 🇦🇹EMIL ABADGIEV 147.000 12. 🏳️IBRAHIM HABACH 143.000 13. 🇩🇪LUCCA BAUER 140.000 14. 🇨🇭SVEN75 92.000 15. 🇮🇹CLAUDIO DI GIACOMO 90.000 16. 🏳️NEDIN MUSA 89.000 17. 🇨🇭AK-BERN 71.000


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