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Anton Heinrich leading with 16 players left

Entries 613 / Left 16

A day that began at 13:00 for those who, like the Swiss 'Poker Bananas', found themselves playing Day 1 Speed only to be catapulted across the room without hardly even having time to close their envelopes.

Day2 began at 18:00 and saw 110 players at the starting line: among the 6 chip leaders of the respective Day1s, no less than 4 managed to make it to the final day, with the exception of Timo Rauschenbach and Oender Resber, at the head of Day1 D and Day1 A.

All the others succeeded, some with more and some with less difficulty, in achieving their main objective, i.e. making it to the final stage and playing their chances of reaching the final table.

The top 5

The hungriest among the 16 survivors was Anton Heinrich (photo above), always in the upper parts of the count since the start of Day 2. The Swiss player put his experience into play, accumulating a good 3,500,000 chips, obviously with the help of a good run, and tomorrow he will start with favorable odds, although behind him there will be several good players ready to give him a hard time.

Nikola Gasevic (photo above), Austrian and second in the provisional count, is one of those. For him, there are 3,115,000 chips stuffed in the envelope, enough to apply the right amount of pressure at the table.

Third place instead goes to Minh Lu with 2,710,000, while close to the podium is the first of the three Italians who have come this far, Alessandro Ferrari (photo below) at 2,050,000.

Completing the Top 5 is the aforementioned 'Poker Banane' (photo below), capable of no small feat in terms of both mental (and physical) resilience and the good luck that followed him throughout the tournament, as he himself admitted at the end of Day 1.

It is worth noting the presence of the shot clock from 24 left when the action was reduced to three tables. For each player 30 seconds to decide and 5 time banks of 30 seconds each for more complex decisions. A winning choice that guaranteed a fluid game and above all good playability even in the hottest phases given that the average stack is around 30 blinds.

The other survivors

The second Italian on the list hides his identity behind the nickname 'GIVI' and is in eighth position at 1,295,000, slightly below average.

Thomas Schmitter on the other hand, Day1 B chipleader, is in eleventh place thanks to the 960,000 chips he accumulated at Day2, while Daniele Lunario, the third and last Italian and Day1 C chipleader, is in 13th place with 750,000.

Sven Löeffel, second in the general count at the start of the day and chipleader at Day1E, closes the circle with 670,000 chips corresponding to just over 10 Big Blinds when the envelopes open tomorrow at 13:00.

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇨🇭Anton Heinrich 3.500.000

2. 🇦🇹Nikola Gasevic 3.115.000

3. 🏳️Minh Lu 2.710.000

4. 🇮🇹Alessandro Ferrari 2.050.000

5. 🇨🇭PokerBanane 1.840.000

6. 🇨🇭Josef Birchler 1.675.000

7. 🇩🇪Tam Nguyen 1.365.000

8. 🇮🇹GIVI 1.295.000

9. 🇨🇭Spongediinge 1.145.000

10. 🇩🇪Ibrahim Habach 1.130.000

11. 🇨🇭Thomas Schmitter 960.000

12. 🇭🇺Zoltan Bene 940.000

13. 🇮🇹Daniele Lunario 750.000

14. 🇳🇱ZH 735.000

15. 🇩🇪Luca Bauer 715.000

16. 🇨🇭Sven Löeffel 670.000


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