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⚔️ Warriors Main Event - 🇬🇧 LIVE BLOG

Updated: Mar 11

Welcome to the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, where the final act of the Warriors' Main Event is taking place, with 819 entries generating a prize pool of CHF268,730.

After just two hours of play, the field went from 17 left to 9 left and so it is already Final Table time. You can follow the action live on our Youtube channel at THIS LINK or scroll down to read what's happening on our live blog. Enjoy!

11 Mar, 15:30 - Thoma and 'Allegro' out, it's final table!

We didn't have to wait too long to get the names of the 9 finalists: the first to leave the ranks was "Allegro", who after losing a good part of his stack to Claudio Piceci in a spot where the Swiss player flushes, finds himself in the rests with K-10 vs A-3 and is eliminated in 11th place for CHF3,040.

The Final Table bubble lasts about half an hour because at the TV Table Franz Hermann Thoma, left with a handful of blinds, waits for the right spot to find a miraculous double-up and get back in the running.

At the outer table, the focus is more on what's happening on the other side and the players don't make life difficult until Thoma finds himself forced to put his chips in the middle without much luck: he is the 10th place finisher for CHF3,040.

You can follow the live action on our YouTube channel at THIS LINK.

11 Mar, 14:30 - Emmella prende il largo, "Allegro" scende

We are down to 11 players on Final Day of the Warriors Main Event, with blinds 40K/80K, ante 80K, and an average stack of 3M.

Here is the list of eliminations:


13. Twinti

14. Manfred Karl Müller

15. Velimir Lozic

16. Firat Altunkapan

17. Rene Kistler

Emmella consolidates the first position, Piceci follows closely behind while 'Allegro' halves his stack. Here is the Top 5:

  1. Emmella 7M

  2. Claudio Piceci 5.5M

  3. Gala 09 - 2.7M

  4. Lalelileylo 2.5M

  5. Allegro 1.8M




11 Mar, 03:30 - Day2 ends with 'Emmella' ahead

What we are about to tell you is probably the spot of the day, both in terms of the hand dynamic and, or better moreover, the size of the pot in one of the hottest phases of the tournament.

We are in fact at 17 left, with only a few more hands to play before the end of the Day at blinds 30K/60K, ante 60K and Rene Kistler (photo above), one of the two protagonists of the spot, is second in the count with just under 4 million chips (over 60BB).

"Emmella", with around 2.3M, opens from HJ with J♥️ 7♥️ on a rather passive table given the stacks in play as the Day was about to end. Kistler (whose cards we will reveal only at the end of the hand) decides, after CO and BTN fold, to flat, while BB folds.

On a A♥️ 8♥️ 6♥️ board, "Emmella" c-bets 2.5BB (150K), Kistler calls. The Turn is the blank par excellence, a 2♠️, on which "Emmella" opts for a very big size, about 3/4 pot (500K). Kistler thinks about it for a moment and announces all-in, finding his opponent's snap-call.

At showdown he turns over A♣️ 10♠️, thus making the River, a 9♦️, irrelevant because it was already drawing dead. Thanks to this hand "Emmella" leaped to the head of the count and at the end of the Day he closed with 4,610,000.

Rene Kistler, on his part, decided to go all-in preflop in the next three hands with a stack of between 14 and 16BB, finding the fold on two occasions and the call of a short stack in the penultimate hand: K-J vs K-J and split pot, allowing him to close the day with 1,300,000.

At the next table, on the other hand, 'Allegro' was almost unrivaled given his monster stack of over 5 million, until about ten hands from the end he found himself with A-Qo from the BB facing BTN's shove with about 18BB: snap-call.

At the showdown, BTN came up with 4-10 off-suited and the board brought him a small joy: 10-9-4-7-10, allowing him to double his stack just a step away from the Final Day: "I made a mistake but I was rewarded" - he commented beaming at the end of the hand.

You can find our daily report with chip count and seat redraw at THIS LINK.

11 Mar, 01:30 - Chipleaders' clash, Allegro in the lead

There are only 23 players left at the Warriors Main Event and all survivors are now enjoying a 10 mins break (the last of the day).

At blinds, 10K/20K, ante 20K, another huge pot has been played at the Warriors Main Event, which gave the lead to "Allegro" who managed to stay ahead for the following 2 levels.

The players involved were both on the Top5 at the previous update "83-83" and the aforementioned "Allegro" (with roughly the same stack, 1.3M each).

The action: "83-83" opens from EP, BTN flats and "Allegro" completes from the BB with 10♥️ 5♥️.

On a 10♠️2♥️ 6♥️ flop BB checks, Original Raiser c-bets small, BTN folds, "Allegro" raises to175K, "83-83" click-raises to 350K, "Allegro" goes all-in and "83-83" snap-calls with Pocket Deuces (Set on the flop).

Turn 9♦️ and River A♥️, which gives "Allegro" the best hand with Flush and sends "83-83" almost out of the tournament (he will bust on the following hand having slightly more than one big blind left).

Here's the provisional Top 5:

  1. Allegro 4.3M

  2. Rene Kistler 3.6M

  3. Emmella 2.5M

  4. Loli 2.3M (head pic)

  5. Nicola Diaco 2M

Dritan Kaleci in action before busting

10 Mar, 23:30 - 2nd break - Piceci in the lead at 44 left!

There are only 44 players left at the beginning of the 7th level of play and Claudio Piceci has taken the lead after one of the craziest hands we have seen in these, by far.

Here's the action in a nutshell: we're at blinds 6K/12K, ante 12K, and Symeon Alexandridis opens 25K from UTG with 6-7s, Nicola Diaco (massive chip leader with over 2.5M, photo above) decides to flat with Q♦️ J♠️ from the HJ and Claudio Piceci makes the call from BB with A♣️ 9♣️.

On the flop comes 6♣️ 8♣️ 3♦️, Piceci and Alexandridis both check, leaving the initiative to Diaco who bets 30K (around 20% pot). Piceci calls and Alexandridis folds.

The turn is a 2♣️ that gives Piceci the nut Flush, so he checks again and Diaco bets 85K (around half pot). Call.

The river is an A❤️, Piceci leads out 180K and Diaco goes for a 450K raise (roughly over 2.5x Piceci's bet). Piceci does not have many other choices than putting all his chips in for 1.1M with the Nuts sending Nicola Diaco on the tank for a little while, who eventually makes the call with Queen High!

With this very hand, Claudio Piceci jumps ahead of the count and he's now quite comfortable with over 100 bigs, approximately 3 times the average stack that now ranges around 800K.

All players just came back from the second break of the Day and they're now playing with blinds 10K/20K, ante 20K. Here's the Top 5 at the moment:

  1. Claudio Piceci 2.2M

  2. Nicola Diaco 1.8M

  3. "Brad" 1.75M

  4. "83-83" 1.35M

  5. "Allegro" 1.2M (photo below)

10 Mar, 21:00 - Dinner break with all survivors ITM!

The bubble phase lasted over half an hour as the action was played hand-for-hand. Two players busted at the same time so they split the min-cash and got CHF335 each, specifically Besnik Lalinovci (Day1 C chipleader, photo below) and Dalibor Mijic.

The first got all-in Q-J off-suited against Claudio Piceci's A-J: the board ran K-Q-10 giving Piceci a nut Straight, though another Queen on the turn gave a little hope to Lalinovci as he could hit a Full House or Quads. A 9 on the river cut his expectations off and he sadly left the table, unaware of another all-in situation a few tables away.

Dalibor Mijic was, in fact, all-in as well with pocket Threes against his opponent's A-8 on an 8-6-9-6 board. A Deuce on the river dropped his equity to 0% and the two bubble-men split the min-cash getting half of it each.

All survivors played for 15 more minutes before enjoying a 30 mins dinner break. At the restart, they will play the 4th level of the day, with blinds 5K/10K, ante 10K, and an average stack of 420K.

Here's the Top 5 straight before the break:

  1. Nicola Diaco 2.100.000

  2. Biagio De Frino 1.500.000

  3. "Emmella" 1.250.000 (photo below)

  4. Claudio Piceci 950.000

  5. Dritan Kaleci  850.000

10 Mar, 19:00 - 128 at the Start of Day2

Warriors Main Event Day2 began with 128 players at 18:30 sharp and after the first level of play we're already approaching the bubble phase, as the best 98 players are getting In The Money for a min-cash of CHF670.


Warriors Main Event - DAY 2


10 Mar, 18:00 - Egzon Krasniqi ahead of Day1 G

Day1 G just ended with Egzon Krasniqi ahead of the count. He will bring a 480.000 stack in chips to Day2, which will kick off within the next 30 mins on the other side of the main poker room.

All details from Day1 G will be shown on our daily report, CLICK HERE to find'em out"!

10 Mar, 16:30 - Day1 G Speed is on fire!

Day1 G Speed here at the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, started in the best possible way as we already have 135 entries with 53 active players spread onto 6 tables.

This is the last chance to qualify for this afternoon's Day2 and many players didn't want to miss it out. There's still one more level to get in though (or re-buy), so we will tell you about the official numbers in the next update.

In the meantime we tried to figure out who's atop at the moment and here's the provisional Top 5:

  1. First Altunkapan 320K

  2. Egzon Krasniqi 280M

  3. Özgöc Selcuk 260K

  4. Julio Schmutz 235K

  5. N13 professor 190K

Below is the first round of pictures with some of the players mentioned above.

10 Mar, 3:10 - Day1 F ends with Erdal Simsek in the lead!

The second flight of the day also ended with Turkey's Erdal Simsek leading the pack. To read the full tournament report just CLICK HERE.

10 Mar, 02:00 - Last break at Day1 F

The last two levels of play at Day1 F with blinds 2K/4K, 4K ante, and an average stack of 215K. The entries count has stopped at 75 and there are still 14 players battling it out at the tables.

Here is the situation at the moment with the Top 5 updated at the end of the break:

  1. Hayati Al Lahham 500K

  2. Erdal Simsek 500K

  3. Teppich 300K

  4. Christian Kempf 200K

  5. Alessandro Ferrari 300K

10 Mar, 00:00 - 69 entries at Day1 F at the 9th level

A quick update from the day's second flight, DAy1 F, which at the 9th level of play has 69 entries with 22 players still in the running.

The survivors have just returned from the penultimate break of the day and are battling it out at 1K/2K blinds, ante 2K, with an average stack of 125,000 chips. In the meantime enjoy the Day1 report by CLICKING HERE.

9 Mar, 23:00 - Day1 E ends, De Frino chipleader

A solitary sprint that of Biagio De Frino, who encountered no particular obstacles at the table and allowed himself the luxury of closing at a share of 1 million round. All the details in the day's report that you will find, shortly, at THIS LINK.

9 Mar, 21:30 - Biagio De Frino flies on Day1 E

The last two levels of play at Day1 E and late registration closed with 19 players in the running out of 101 entries. Biagio De Frino takes the lead and at the moment has about twice as much as the second in chips, Michael Koran: 820K for the chip leader and 450K for his pursuer.

A lot of short stacks in the 3 open tables when the average is around 200,000 chips. Here is the situation at the top of the count:

  1. Biagio De Frino 820K

  2. Michael Koran 450k

  3. Thor M.G. 380k

  4. 83-83 340K

  5. TURBO poker 300K

N-13 Professor in action at Day1 E

As for Day1 F instead, underway in the wing opposite the main poker room, there are 38 players at the tables out of 54 entries at the 6th level of play. After the 30-minute dinner break, the action resumed at 500/1K blinds, 1K ante, and an average stack of 56,000 chips.

9 Mar, 19:30 - 33 left at Day1 E, Day1 F begins

We have now reached the 9th level of play at the Warriors Main Event with blinds 1K/2K, ante 2K, and an average stack of 107K, with 33 players competing out of 89 entries so far.

Taking a quick tour of the tables, we spotted the top 5 stacks:

  1. Biagio De Frino 470K

  2. Noizz 250K

  3. Thor M. G. 220K

  4. Juka8111 180K

  5. Avni Krasniqi 170K

At the same time, on the other side of the Main Room, the second flight of the day, Day1 F, also got underway, with 34 entries and 29 players at the tables at the start of the 4th level of play.

9 Mar, 17:00 - 80 entries straight before the second break

The Warriors' Main Event keeps doing well with Day1 E: a few minutes away from the second break of the day has already reached 80 entries with 44 players still in the running.

The average stack currently stands at 72,000 chips, and when play resumes (after the colour-up of chips) the blinds will rise to 600/1.2K, ante 1.2K.

It is still too early to give you a picture of the stack situation as we are still in the first levels of play and the variations in the count are minimal, so let's leave room for the pictures with the first round-up of the day's photos.

9 Mar, 15:00 - First break at Day1 E

It's already starting at 13:00 here at the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, with Day1 E already registering 64 entries after the first 3 levels of play.

There are still 48 players in the hunt for a pass to Day2 including Symeon Alexandridis (CLICK HERE for the interview he gave last week) who so far hasn't had the luck to make it through the first hurdle:

"There are still two more flights beyond this one," he told us at the break, "let's see what I can do!"

At the restart, the game will be played at blinds 300/600, ante 600 with an average stack of 52K chips out of the initial 40,000. Stay tuned!

9 Mar, 03:10 - Day1 D ends with Piceci in the lead!

We are still waiting for the official data, which you will soon find in our report of the day, but looking at the envelopes Claudio Piceci can be happy about what he did tonight: his first place in the provisional count could be worth the first prize of the "Chipleader Bonuses" feature, i.e. 5,000 Swiss Francs.

The second and third stacks were also awarded, whose names we will reveal in the final report which you can find at THIS LINK.

9 Mar, 02:30 - 🇨🇭 Nord Wind wins PLO Side Event!

The Side Warriors PLO ended with a deal for ICM, awarding 4 players (the 4th prize was the result of a deal that left CHF300 to the bubble-man, as only the first 3 positions were awarded).

Here are the final results (ICM deal 1st and 2nd place*)

1. Nord Wind CH - 2130*

2. Patrick Baggenstos CH - 1785*.

3. DerOliver HK - 1055

4. Ștefan Vieli CH - 300 (bubble deal)

9 Mar, 01:50 - Day1 D - Late reg is over with 188 entries!

Great news here from the GCPoker Room at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein: at the end of the late registration, the total number of entries reached 188 with 38 players still in the running.

Taking the lead is "Emmella", already a winner in this casino (even if it was the IPO) and always in his best shape poker-wise.

Players have just come back from the last break of the day and we took advantage of the new colour-up to take a look at the stacks and draw up the provisional Top 10:

  1. Emmella 430K

  2. Allegro 370k

  3. Gassi 17 360k

  4. Alf Scheibe 350K

  5. Rene Kistler 340K

  6. Manfred Karl Müller 320K

  7. Luca Lombardi 310K

  8. Tanmmay Jhunjhunwala 300K

  9. Mustang 290K

  10. Bruno Keller 280K

8 Mar, 23:00 - Day1 D - 80 left in the 8th level

Day1 D is starting to get into full swing as we reach the middle of the eighth level of play with blinds 800/1.6K, ante 1.6K and an average stack of 85,000 chips.

At the moment there are 80 players still in the running out of 171 entries, the highest number recorded so far, and in all likelihood, Besnik Lalinovci's provisional first place in the "Chipleader Bonuses" rankings will not remain so at the end of the day.

Taking a tour of the tables, we uncovered the five best stacks at the moment:

  1. Real 240K

  2. Luca Lombardi 230K

  3. Sven Wildhaber 220K

  4. Symeon Alexandridis 210K

  5. Egzon Krasniqi 190K

Top 5 aside, Sandra Bellafiore, chip leader at the dinner break and still high up in the count thanks to a stack of around 170K, exactly double the current average, is in excellent health.

Among the room's many regulars, "Space G" also stands out, at table 12 (the same as the chip leader "Real") and can boast a stack of 180K chips.

At the end of the level there will be another short 10-minute break and the chip "colour-up" will take place, i.e. lower value chips will be eliminated to make room for higher denomination chips as the blinds increase.

8 Mar, 21:00 - Day1 D - Dinner Break with 137 entries!

We’re going towards the end of the 5th level of play and a woman is leading the 94 players in action (out of 137 entries by now) with over 200K, exactly on International Women’s Day! 😜 (photo below)

Today’s numbers are way higher than the previous two days and the atmosphere is, as usual, very chilled and exciting at the same time! 

All players will enjoy 30 30-minute dinner break within a few minutes and the action will restart with blinds 500/1K, ante 1K, with a 60K average stack.

8 Mar, 18:30 - Day1 D - Over 50 entries at the start!

The fourth flight of the Warriors Main Event is off to a great start and at the end of the first level of play there are already 58 entries (with 56 players still in the running plus two re-entries).

Today the names of the 3 winners of the "Chipleader bonuses" feature will be known, which rewards the 3 best stacks from Day1 C and D with 10,000 Swiss Francs, allocating 5K to the first, 3K to the second and 2K to the third placed.

At the moment it's Besnik Lalinovci leading the pack, but we're sure we'll see some great things tonight! The next update will be the first roundup of photos from Day1 D, keep following us!

8 Mar, 03:10 - Day1 C - Besnik Lalinovci chipleader

At the end of the day, Besnik Lalinovci confirmed the first position and is, at the moment, the number one candidate for the bonus chip leader, although we will have to wait for tomorrow's results.

You can find the full report of the day by CLICKING HERE.

8 Mar, 02:00 - Day1 C - Late registration ends

At the close of late registration, there were 89 entries with 19 players still in the running.

Boris Pranjes loses the provisional lead and drops to 3rd place with 300k, as does Ines Thöri who from 360k finds himself with two levels to go with his stack halved.

Turi climbs to second place with 320k while Besnik Lalinovci takes the lead. Here is the Top 3 at the moment:

  1. Besnik Lalinovci 340K

  2. Turi 320K

  3. Boris Pranjes 300K

  4. Martin Sila 300K

  5. Givi 240K

8 Mar, 00:30 - Day1 C - Boris Pranjes in the lead

As we're about to enter the 11th level of play, at the 1.5K/3K blinds, ante 3K, the entry counter is up to 88 with 21 players in the running and an average stack of 165K.

No dice for Symeon Alexandridis who lost in 3-way in a spot where with A-Ko he faced Q-Js and 10-10 on a J-9-K board. Despite 65% equity, luck turned its back on him: we will certainly see him again tomorrow for Day1 D.

In the meantime, Boris Pranjes, the only one to break the 400,000 chip wall at the moment, takes the lead. Here is the Top 5 at the end of the 10th level:

  1. Boris Pranjes 420K

  2. Ines Thöri 360K

  3. Besnik Lalinovci 340K

  4. Cimi 280K

  5. Turi 240K

7 Mar, 22:30 - Day1 C - In 81 at the 7° level

We're in the middle of the 7th level of play here at the Warriors Main Event Day1 C and the entry counter already reads 81 with 33 players still in the running.

Several familiar faces are at the tables here, including Symeon Alexandridis who we had the pleasure of interviewing last week (CLICK HERE to read the interview).

Meanwhile, the satellite that saw 7 qualifiers take their place in the Main Event has also concluded: Kuklis, Hut10Z, Jens Neumann, Sahara, Real, Stephano Zech and Vargo.

Play is currently at 600/1.K blinds, ante 1.2K with an average stack of 96,000 chips. Taking a tour of the tables, we uncovered the top 5 stacks, here are the Top 5:

  1. Boris Pranjes 230K

  2. Colic 200K

  3. Hut10Z 170K

  4. Damage 165K

  5. Ines Thöni 160K

And now for the first photo roundup of the day! ⤵️

7 Mar, 18:30 - Day1 C - Let's begin!

The third flight of the Warriors Main Event has started with 38 entries already in the second level of play!

The top three stacks between today's flight and tomorrow night will compete for the CHF 10,000 bonus reserved for the chip leaders (or rather the top three stacks will receive CHF 5,000, CHF 3,000 and CHF 2,000 in that order).

In the meantime, the usual afternoon satellite is also taking place, which can currently count on 43 entries and 19 players competing.

At the end of the level, there will be the first break and we will post the first round-up of photos from Day1 C shortly. Stay tuned!

7 Mar, 03:10 - Day1 B - Dritan Kaleci at the photo finish!

A sensational hand right in the last moments of the game allowed Dritan Kaleci to take Day1 B and pocket the third bounty of the day (4 including his own).

The loser is Franz Pejcl, who before the cards were dealt could boast the third stack in play. Here's the action. (Blinds 2K/5K, ante 5K)

Kaleci opens from the UTG with K♥️ 9♥️ and Franz Pejcl 3-bets finding his opponent flat. On the flop J♥️ 6♥️ 7♥️ comes Pejcl's c-bet and Kaleci's call.

The turn is a K♠️, Pejcl bets again with a fairly small size around 40K, Kaleci calls again. The river is a 2♥️ and Pejcl overshoes for 271K sending Kaleci into the tank for a few seconds. However, his hand is too strong to pass and the call comes on time, with his opponent showing A♣️ A♠️.

Day1 B closed with 14 qualifiers out of 88 entries and Dritan Kaleci jumped to second place in the overall count.

You can find the whole Day1 B report by CLICKING HERE.

7 Mar, 02:00 - Day1 B - Bounty mode ON!

With the start of the 12th level of play, the bounty mode kicks off! Before revealing the players competing, however, let's recap today's numbers: 88 total entries of which 49 individuals and 39 re-entries.

Currently playing at 2K/4K blinds, ante 4K, with an average stack of around 135K, there are 26 players left spread over 3 tables to compete for a Day2 pass (and maybe win some bounties).

Here is the list of players competing:

Table 4

Marc Patrice Sutter

Franky Blanco

Champion 1905


Astrit Kaleci

Mario Scalia

Christoph Martin Spärri

Tommaso Serratore

Table 5



Marco Magisano

Franz Pejcl

Thomas Hartmut Hardt

Andreas Fröhli


Henri D.

Table 6


Dalibor Mijic

Sascha Messmer

Fabian Hilterbrand

Robin Marvin Scheidegger

Stefan Jöger

Who will come out on top? Keep following us to find out!

7 Mar, 00:30 - Day1 B - 27 left at the 10th level

We just got in the 10th level of play here at the GC Poker Room, with blinds 1K/2.5K, ante 2.K, and 27 players still battling to advance to the next step out of 79 entries

Here are the Top 5 at the moment while the average stack is around 120K:

  1. Stefan Jäger 450K

  2. Franz Pejcl 380K

  3. Sascha Messmer 220K

  4. Ivo Giorgio Pescia 180K

  5. Patrice Marc Sutter/Dritan Kaleci 160K (both)

The action has been moved onto 3 tables and will keep going for two more levels before the end of the late registration (and the beginning of the Bounty mode) Keep it up to know how it ends!

6 Mar, 22:30 - Day1 B - Satellite qualifiers joined the action

The 7th level of play out of the 13 scheduled, with 600/1.2K blinds, 1.2K ante and an average stack of 75K chips, is about to conclude.

There are currently 67 entries with 36 players still at the tables, some of them from the satellite held this afternoon. Here's the list of the 7 qualifiers (the eighth won a CHF270 prize):

  1. Bluffing Lu WARRIORS ME Ticket

  2. Henri D. WARRIORS ME Ticket

  3. Jack H. WARRIORS ME Ticket

  4. Kroko 123 WARRIORS ME Ticket

  5. Thomas Megas WARRIORS ME Ticket

  6. Nero WARRIORS ME Ticket

  7. Turi WARRIORS ME Ticket

  8. Herbert Scmidli CHF270

The survivors will play for one more level before the penultimate break of the day and, after the late registration, the Bounty mode with CHF10,000 up for grabs will be activated. How?

Simple, a token will be awarded to all players in the competition at the end of the late break that will constitute the bounty. The value of each bounty will be a portion of the CHF10,000 based on the number of players present (e.g. 10,000/20 players competing = CHF500 per bounty).

6 Mar, 20:30 - Day1 B - 48 entries, Franz Pejcl in the lead

We just got in the 5th level of play here at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, and there are 37 players at the table by now, while blinds have reached 400/800, ante 800 with a 51K average stack.

Ahead of the pack is Franz Pejcl (photo above), who already has around 150K in chips, roughly 3 times the average stack. It's still hard to provide you a chip count in these early stages of the tournaments as the stacks are still pretty shallow, and differences between players aren't yet remarkable.

Among notables, we've spotted Dritac Kaleci (pic below), Andreas Fröhli, and a few others, which will be mentioned in the following updates. Soon, the field will be pumped up by all qualifiers coming from the early afternoon satellite which is about to end.

6 Mar, 18:30 - Day1 B - 21 at the start!

Day1 B of the Warriors Main Event kicks off at 17:30 with 21 entrants in the early going, rising to 30 by the 3rd level of play just beginning.

There is no "Special Price" today, so the buy-in will be the canonical CHF390, but there will be the Bounty Bonus formula with CHF10,000 up for grabs.

There are currently 26 single players and 4 re-entries, but it's still early to talk numbers so let's enjoy the first shots of the day below.


6 Mar, 3:10 - Day1 A - 20 go through, Diaco in the lead

The first flight of the Warriors Main Event comes to a close with an absolute protagonist, Nicola Diaco, who was able to take about 6 times the tournament average, the equivalent of 300 big blinds or so.

We will shortly publish the final report of the day which you can find by CLICKING HERE.

6 Mar, 02:30 - Day1 A - He's got them all!

The overall numbers for this first day of play see 139 entries and 22 players still at the tables.

Nicola Diaco, already chip leader two levels ago and now leading the rump with a monster stack of over 1.1 million chips, equal to over 4 times the tournament average.

Simon Fabian Ernst Feistle climbed to second place with 430K, ousting Nabil El Hage who dropped out of the Top 5 with 270,000 chips remaining. He is followed by Sandro Zarrillo at 400K.

Following is the complete Top 5 at the moment:

Nicola Diaco 1,120,000

Simon Fabian Ernst Feistle 430k

Sandro Zarrillo 400k

Seid Saliji 370K

Mark Soltesz 320K

6 Mar, 00:30 - Day1 A - Nicola Diaco in the lead

The 10th level of play is drawing to a close and we currently have 138 entries with 35 players still in the running at the 1K/2K.5K blinds, 2.5K ante, and an average stack of around 160K.

Taking a quick tour of the tables, we found the Top 5 at the moment (this is an indicative figure and, as we write, the situation may have changed):

Nicola Diaco 550K (pictured above)

Nabil El Hage 400K

Mark Soltesz 360K (photo below)

Christoph Martin Spärri 340K

Mauro Bernardo Das Neves 330K

As a reminder, the next level will be the last one available for late registration, after which the survivors will be able to enjoy the last break of the day before the end of the Day at the end of the 13th level of play.

5 Mar, 22:30 - Day1 A - Over 120 entries

As we approach the end of the 7th level of play there are already 123 entries, 90 of which are physical players and 33 re-entries.

When the blinds have reached 600/1.2K, ante 1.2K, there are still 63 players competing with an average stack of 78,000 chips. While waiting for more juicy updates enjoy the first shots of the day.

After a very insane week around King's Resort in Rozvadov at the France Poker Festival won by 🇺🇦 Vladyslav Pohribnyi (CLICK HERE for the full report), here we are in Bendern, Liechtenstein, to report you from another exciting poker venue.

With a guaranteed prize pool of 200,000 Swiss francs and a first prize of CHF 50,000, we're sure to see some action this time around. And now let's get down to the action on Day 1 A, which started at 6 p.m. in the CHF320 'Special Price' version instead of the usual CHF390.

40,000 chips, 40-minute blinds, and late registration for the first 11 levels of play. Let's go!😜


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