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🇨🇭Emil Bise takes down ⚔️Warriors Main Event

Entries 643

Simply unstoppable. Emil Bise's rise to the Warriors' Main Event is like a hurricane: it comes out of the blue, sweeps everything away, and heads to other shores. Specifically to the Wynn in Las Vegas, as good Emil, after a deal at the 4 left stage, secured his ticket to the 10K WPT World Championship.

Arriving last morning to play the turbo flight, he immediately made his way to the top of the count throughout Day 2, finishing in 4th place with around 2.6 million chips. On the way from 16 left to the final table, he racked up another two million and was third in the count.

Bise eliminated the first four players at the final table, leaving Xhavit Berisha in charge of the fifth, and then closed a deal practically on an equal footing (in monetary terms) with the other three to secure the ticket in view of his clear chip advantage.

The final Day

It took less than three hours of play on this Final Day to go from 16 left to the final table of The Warriors Main Event, and here we are finally commenting on the most intriguing part of the tournament.

Day 2 chip leader Thomas Hofmann couldn't make it past eleventh place despite an impressive stack at the opening of the envelopes, while Emil Bise continued his unstoppable ascent from fourth place to reach the final table with his third stack.

Claudio P. leads the troop with almost 7 million in chips when the blinds will be 40K/80K when play resumes, ante 80K, which means playing with around 90 big blinds. Second position for Xhavit Berisha, already chip leader at Day1 of qualification and always in the upper parts of the count throughout the tournament.

Here is in order of the eliminated players, with their respective prize money, before the final table composition.


10. Johan Schamne. CHF 2,640

11. Thomas Hofmann CHF 2,640

12 .Ivo Giorgio Pescia CHF 2,240

13. DG CHF 2,240

14. Dendemaier 1,960

15. Claudio Baldini 1,960

16. Star 1,730

Final Payout

  1. CHF 22.000 (after deal) Emil Bise + WPT World Championship Ticket Emil (after deal)

  2. CHF 22.575 (after deal) Claudio P.

  3. CHF 22.000 (after deal) Xhavit Berisha

  4. CHF 22.000 (after deal) Champion1905

  5. CHF 10.025 Reys

  6. CHF 7.875 Dritan Kaleci

  7. CHF 5.875 Patrick Meyer

  8. CHF 4.070 Fatos Haxhaj

  9. CHF 3.210 Patric Siegenthaler

*79 places ITM for a min. cash of CHF 645.

The starting grid

  1. Claudio P. 6,910,000

  2. Xhavit Berisha 5,090,000

  3. Emil Bise 4,300,000

  4. Reys 3,003,000

  5. Champion1905 2,945000

  6. Patrick Sahsa Meyer845,000

  7. Fatos HaxHaj 695,000

  8. Patric Siegenthaler 660,000

  9. Dritan Kaleci1,190,000

Patric Siegenthaler is the 9th-place finisher

Blinds 40K/80K, ante 80K

Emil Bise opens x3 from UTG, everyone folds until Patric Siegenthaler who, from the SB, puts his 660,000 chips in the middle with A♦️ K♠️, BB folds and Bise calls showing 8♣️ 8♦️.

Board: 2♠️ 7 ♥️ 10♦️ J♥️ J♠️.

Patric Siegenthaler is the first eliminated at this final table and cashes for CHF 3,210.

Fatos Haxhaj ends in eighth place

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

After struggling up the ladder, Fatos Haxhaj opens from the UTG with K♠️ J♠️ x5, effectively becoming pot-committed on the flop, Emil Bise defends from the BB with 8♦️ 9♦️.

FLOP: 5♥️ 10♠️ 8♠️ - Bise decides to go straight all-in and Fatos has no choice but to call.


RIVER: 7♦️

Despite the Jack on the turn, Emil Bise manages to hit one of the few "clean" outs (Spades would have given Fatos the flush) and Haxhaj closes in 8th place for CHF 4,070. Emil Bise moves to the head of the count.

Patrick Meyer out in 7th place

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

Left with less than 10 big blinds, Patrick Meyer has an easy all-in from SB on the opening of Emil Bise, who is forced to call. At the showdown, Meyer shows J♦️ J♠️ against Bise's 8♥️ Q♥️.

BOARD: 4♣️ 7♥️ 5♦️ 9♥️ J♥️

Meyer, despite the set on the river, has to surrender to the flush hit by Bise and closes in 7th place for CHF 5,875. Bise keeps flying high in the count.

Dritan Kaleci finishes in 6th position

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100KWith an effective stack of about 12 blinds, Dritan Kaleci finds himself in blind war against Emil Bise. On the flop, K♦️2♠️ 3♥️, Kaleci bets with K♥️-4♣️ Bise's all-in raise which at showdown shows K♠️ 8♣️.

TURN: 7♣️

RIVER: 6♦️

Kaleci gets out in 6th place and has to settle for CHF 7,875. Bise returns to the lead after losing a 1.5M pot to "Champion1905" in previous hands.

Reys is the 5th classified

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

Another blind war proves fatal to one of the finalists: this time it is the turn of "Reys" who from BB calls with A♣️5♠️ the push of Xhavit Berisha from SB with A♥️ 9♦️.

BOARD: K♣️ 6♣️ J♦️ 2♠️ A♦️

Reys cashes in for CHF 10,025 and Berisha moves up in the count. The players are on a break.

The 4-left chipcount


Posto 1 - Champion1905 - 5.6m

Posto 5 - Xhavit Berisha - 4.6m

Posto 8 - Claudio P. - 8 6.8

Posto 9 - Emil Bise - 9.1m

Emil Bise is ⚔️Warriors ME winner after a 4-way deal

Upon returning from the break, the players agreed to a 4-way deal, leaving the WPT ticket to chipleader Emil Bise. Here are the figures:

  1. CHF 22.000 (after deal) Emil Bise + WPT World Championship Ticket Emil (after deal)

2. CHF 22.575 (after deal) Claudio P.

3. CHF 22.000 (after deal) Xhavit Berisha

4. CHF 22.000 (after deal) Champion1905


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