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🇷🇴Radu Pitic and 🇩🇪"Reys" ahead on Day1B

Entries 101 / Left 19

Not even 48 hours have passed since we celebrated Phil Dunphy's victory at the Wolf Millionaire Main Event in Rodzvadov (CLICK HERE for the full report) and here we are in Liechtenstein for another exciting tournament.

Day1 B of the Warriors Main Event, the second flight on the schedule after Day1 A played yesterday, ended with 101 entries and 19 qualifiers. In total, adding up both Days, we have 231 entries and 39 players sure to qualify again on Sunday afternoon for Day 2.

The Top 5

At the close of the envelopes, the best of all was Romanian Radu Pitic (photo below), who after having climbed to around 450,000, managed to pocket 349,000, a very respectable stack even if a far cry from what German Marc Klinger did yesterday, on Day1A:

"It's a pleasure to play tournaments with this kind of structure, that's why I follow Eurorounders circuit closely" - said Radu, a finalist at Sharkbay Rozvadov 2022, who recently won two tickets for the WSOPE Main in November.

This is not the only frontrunner, however, as we also find the German 'Reys', also with 349,000 chips, followed by the Swiss 'Gassi 17' at 336,000.

Fourth and fifth place belongs to another German 'Action Flo' (311,000) and Sascha Meyer (309,000). The only Italian on the list is Giuseppe Ditaranto at 272,000. Below is the complete list of the 19 qualifiers for Day2 through Day1 B.

Unofficial chipcount

  1. 🇷🇴Radu Pitic 349.000

  2. 🇩🇪Reys 349.000

  3. 🇨🇭Gassi 17 336.000

  4. 🇩🇪Action Flo 311.000

  5. 🏳️Sascha Meyer 309.000

  6. 🇨🇭Stefano Iolli 296.000

  7. 🇨🇭Tobias Heinsdorf 288.000

  8. 🇮🇹Giuseppe Ditaranto 272.000

  9. 🇦🇹Zazzi 216.000

  10. 🇨🇭Michael Peterhans 195.000

  11. 🏳️Champion1905 186.000

  12. 🏳️Dendemaier 172.000

  13. 🏳️Julius Budak 154.000

  14. 🇦🇹Ikarus 144.000

  15. 🇨🇭Stefan Nitschke 113.000

  16. 🇨🇭Marc Sen 105.000

  17. 🇨🇭Mattia Melideo 105.000

  18. 🇭🇺Mark Soltesz 102.000

  19. 🇱🇹Kathrin Wolfinger 39.000


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